Happy 2nd Re-Birthday to Guillermina!

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Pocha and Guillermina’s arrival at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. Though Pocha is no longer with us, we still celebrate her presence as it exists in her daughter – who has blossomed into a real charmer and a thoughtful, playful spirit. Guille is also a year healthier, since she’s become leaner and more muscular over time. Her skin reflects what sanctuary can do; natural cleaning and exfoliation have led her to practically sparkle when she’s not covered in mud. 

While two years ago, Guille and her mother were gradually easing into sanctuary life and becoming aware of all the things that surrounded them, Guillermina now navigates every day with a level of confidence that belies her 25 years of age, but she hasn’t lost her feisty spirit. She shows her exuberant nature mostly to Maia and Bambi, but has become comfortable with spending time with the other girls when they indicate they are in the mood for some company.  

Perhaps the most notable thing that has happened for Guille over the last year is the deepening of friendships with both Maia and Bambi. Those two elephants have been playmates with her for longer than a year, but their bonds have solidified over the past months. Guillermina has a different type of friendship with Maia than she does with Bambi. Maia and Guille will roughhouse and really wrestle with each other. Bambi and Guillermina have more of a silly relationship, where Guille will put her bum in Bambi’s face or flick her face with her hairy tail. These relationships are important for all involved since, until now, Maia and Bambi – the most energetic of all the elephants – haven’t really had anyone to show that side of their personalities to. Guille will insert herself into the middle of a training or treatment session with either of the girls, hoping to get a treat or some affection. They mostly tolerate it, but let her know when she’s overstepped her bounds. 

As dynamics change at sanctuary, Mara and Rana are spending more time together, just the two of them, while Bambi and Maia have also become a tight twosome. Guillermina remains in good standing with all of the elephants and wanders back and forth between the two pairs of elephants, spreading her good vibes around the entire sanctuary.

Now that two years have passed, we know that Guillermina is exactly where she was always meant to be. She is thriving health-wise and maturing into the 25-year-old that she is. But she wouldn’t be Guille if she didn’t bring youthful energy that keeps the others on their toes. Guillermina has added so much to the ESB herd and to our sanctuary family. We watch her and are inspired to stay positive, lean on our friends, and have a little fun every once in a while. 


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    Heidi says

    Happy re-birthday Guille! And Happy Mother’s Day to Pocha, though she is no longer with us!

  2. REPLY
    Bonnie says

    Happy birthday Guille and many many more she’s looking really good

  3. REPLY
    Melinda says

    Happy Re-Birthday beautiful Guille! How fitting that it happens on Mothers’ Day! Your wonderful mom Pocha deserves the most

    Happy Re-Birthday beautiful Guille! You have come so far, it’s amazing! And I want to honor your wonderful mom, Pocha, who held on until she knew her darling child was in safe hands. Happy Mothers’ Day to our beloved Pocha!

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    Sue says

    What a lovely happy video of Guille! I really can’t believe it has been two years! So lucky to have been able to watch along and see her progress over this time. When you look back at those early days and now, it is truly a testimony to Sanctuary and all the love and care you provide. Thank you for your continued dedication to all at Sanctuary!!

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    JamesMichael says

    Guille – Happy, Happy 2nd Re-Birthday. You’ve come so far in such a short time .
    I hope you keep on maturing as the years go by.
    And, Happy Mothers Day, Miss Pocha. You are dearly missed; if you can see Guille now- be so very proud. Again, Happy Re-Birthday Guillermina. Love You Always.

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    Suzanne Eaton says

    Happy Birthday beautiful girl! You look amazing, your skin is gorgeous and you look and act so happy at sanctuary. I’m delighted that you and your sweet Momma were able to get out of that cement dungeon so your Momma could at least spend some quality time at sanctuary and know that you were going to be happy.
    Keep having fun and giving the other girls lots of fun and love.

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    Carey says

    Guille has certainly brought a lot to the sanctuary herd including all you say above I also credit her with Maia’s coming back to the group after her long period away mourning Guida. She is a lovely girl, learning lots which she never would have in the concrete pit, I’m also sad that her mother was so ill when they arrived.

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    Terry says

    So happy for a 2nd rebirth Guillie!!! You certainly do sparkle! You also bring so much sparkle to all of us in the herd and beyond!!!

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