and the elephants love pumpkins just as much as we do.

Pumpkins and squash are part of the elephants’ daily diet at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.   Although the diverse and lush habitat in Brazil provides them with plenty of local vegetation to munch on, we supplement their diets with fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and hay just to be sure they receive all the nutrients and vitamins they require to remain healthy.

This month we hope you will participate in our Pachyderm Pumpkin Party to help provide funds for elephants. What is a Pachyderm Pumpkin Party you ask? It’s fun and easy to participate. Donate any amount to our Pachyderm Pumpkin Party fundraiser and receive a link to download four elephant stencils to carve on your Halloween pumpkin. Once you carve your Pachyderm Pumpkin, submit a photo to enter the carving contest.  The winning pumpkin will receive a 2024 GSE Wall Calendar and a $20 gift certificate to our new store opening next month! See additional details below:

Donate now to receive your Pachyderm Pumpkin Stencils!

Donate to the Halloween Party


Donate any amount to our Halloween Pachyderm Pumpkin Party using the button above.

Print your Elephant Stencils


After your donation is complete, you will receive a link to four pumpkin carving stencils.  Print your stencils.

Carve your Pachyderm Pumpkin


Choose one of the four elephant stencils and carve your pumpkin.

Submit a Photo of Your Pumpkin


Take a photo of your pumpkin and send it to GSE using the button below, through Facebook Messenger or by email to by 5pm Central time October 30th.

Vote for Your Favorite Pumpkin!

On October 31st, we will post the top elephant pumpkin photos (selected by GSE staff) we receive on our Facebook Page.  The photo with the most LIKES by the end of the day (11/1 at 12AM Central) will win a GSE 2024 Wall Calendar and a $20 Gift certificate to our new store launching in November!


Kat and Scott - Ramba rescue 0ct 2019

Sanctuary isn’t just a place it’s a new beginning, peace of mind. For the first time, elephants will have a life that is all about them. Thank you for helping to build and provide a future for elephants in need.

Every dollar makes a difference.  Every share builds their home.  Every one of us can change a life.  Forever.

Scott and Kat Blais
Co-founders Global Sanctuary for Elephants
and Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

Maia, Guida and rainbows