Guillermina’s Brief Close-Up

Guillermina has been somewhat shy lately about having videos taken of her up close, but she obliged for a brief moment on this particular morning. She has a quick visit with Scott before swiftly heading over to meet her friends (left to right, Bambi, Mara, and Rana) for some grazing time. Some days are better than others for Guille, which is completely normal and understandable. She enjoys spending time with the other elephants, but also continues to take occasional moments to herself. Guille seems to be finding comfort in her friendships with Maia and Bambi, as well as the calm energy that Rana and Mara provide. On this afternoon, all four elephants spent hours enjoying the shade and the fresh grass that has been growing around the habitat since the rainy season began. It was a relaxing and uneventful day for everyone, which is the best kind day to have at sanctuary.

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  1. REPLY
    Pam says

    It’s good to see you, Guillermina. Thinking about you every day, and sending you love.

  2. REPLY
    Melinda says

    She’s definitely on the mend after her heartbreaking loss of Mom Pocha. Elephants just being elephants is wondrous to behold!

  3. REPLY
    Luanne L Schick says

    I love ❤️ the videos 📹 Scott. Thank you for sharing Precious and Priceless memories ❤️ . God bless 🙌 🙏 all your Amazing Hearts for Rescuing and protecting those magnificent creatures . You are Angels 😇 without visible wings 😇. Love ❤️ Huzs from Alberta Canada ❤️ 🇨🇦 .

  4. REPLY
    Mollie Mangerich says

    I Love your footage of Elephant eyes !! Guille appears to be scanning Scott to see what he’s doing or perhaps seeing if any treats are in store for her. Gosh, she is doing so well as she learns to be part of the herd. Thank you GSE!

  5. REPLY
    Linda T says

    I like the backward glance she gave you, then on her way. Beautiful lush greenery. Thank you for sharing.

  6. REPLY
    Carey says

    She’s just like a kid, running to join her friends and scooping up a bundle of hay en route! It looks lovely lush grazing. Lots of bugs eeek!

  7. REPLY
    Bonnie says

    It’s really nice to see her just being a kid life is good and Scott she’s like hi bye gots to go

  8. REPLY
    Diana Weyland says

    Yet, we don´t know the cause of Pocha´s death.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      We are still waiting. These things can take several weeks.

  9. REPLY
    María Elizabeth Alvarez says

    Lovely Guille

  10. REPLY
    John says

    You really bring each elephant’s personality to life! I’ve enjoyed getting to know these girls so well. They seem like good friends. Thank you!

  11. REPLY
    Susy says

    Gracias Scott. Gracias Sara. Ver a mí adorada Guille lleno mí día de alegría. Aunque no puedo evitar una lágrima al verla. Sigue con tus amigas bello ser, te darán la fuerza para seguir. Consulto..que variedad de pájaros hay en el lugar? Siempre escucho esa melodía pero no sé que pájaros son. Gracias.. gracias

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      There are a multitude of birds here – too many to name. There are lots of different types of dove- and pigeon-type birds, birds that are similar to robins, plus crows, woodpeckers, hawks and vultures, parrots and macaws, and lots of normal songbirds. They range from large to small. The variety is phenomenal.

  12. REPLY
    Susy says

    Que alegría ver a mí bella Guille. Aún caen lágrimas, aunque entiendo que está bien con sus pares. Gracias Scott y Sara por compartir. Les consulto por el nombre de los pájaros que siempre se escuchan en el lugar, en ese espacio maravilloso. Gracias. Gracias

  13. REPLY
    Susy says

    Gracias..por compartir esta imagen. Ver tan cerca a mí bella Guille ilumina mí día. Te amo Guille linda y fuerte. Que el lugar y tus amigas te den la fuerza para seguir adelante! Te amo mucho 💕

  14. REPLY
    Susy says

    Gracias Sara. salían mis comentarios y luego salieron todos juntos.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      No problem. I hope I helped you a little!

  15. REPLY
    Philippe says

    As the video above clearly shows, there is much fresh and healthy fodder growing in the habitat resultant from the rainy season right now. Knowing that the herd is free to do what they want to do and when they want to do it (including grazing during the day and nocturnally), my question is this:

    How do the caregivers manage to still feed them their required supplemental food, vitamins, fruits and veggies if they’ve been grazing all day on fresh tasty fodder and quite possibly they are full and no longer hungry?

    I know each ele typically consumes upwards of 600lbs of food per day (at least in the wild, unsure in sanctuary), but are the girls ever full and decide they don’t want to eat the Sanctuary provided hay and supplements?

    Just curious. Thanks in advance!

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      As far as the elephants are concerned, fruits and grain are an awesome treat that they always make room for. A lot of times when the grass is as green as it is now, the girls don’t eat the hay. They just throw it on their backs instead for sun and bug protection. So we give much less during the rainy season than during the dry season. There are times when they don’t come for dinner because they’re happy where they are, but it’s rare. They know what time the supplemental food will be coming and look forward to it.

  16. REPLY
    Beji says

    I’m pretty sure she was winking at me!!

  17. REPLY
    Philippe says

    Thank you for your kind response, Sara!
    I guess the old adage “A Full Elephant is a Happy Elephant” applies here!!

  18. REPLY
    Rocío Aquino says

    Me encanta recibir el post todos los días en mi correo. Las noticias de las chicas hacen mi día.
    Ahora, me encantaría comprar el calendario 2023 y las remeras ¿Hacen envíos a otros países? Vi en el sitio web que solo se puede colocar códigos postales de USA.
    Soy de Argentina.

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      Zazzle, who handles the online store, does global shipping. so that should not be a problem. ☺️

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