Guillermina Watches Rana’s Treatment

Recently, Rana, Mara, and Guillermina were in Yard 5 together. They were near the barn, so we opened up the yards closest to the barn so that Rana could have her treatment done. She was let into the barn for foot soaks; she’s still dealing with the problem on her right foot that hasn’t fully resolved, which means she still gets daily treatments.

Mara was happily eating the hay that was left for her in Yard 1, while Guille was exploring Yard 3. The chute that holds the foot soak jacuzzi leads into Yard 3, and every now and then Guille would come over near Rana. She’d rest and lean her belly into the gate and seemed incredibly relaxed. She’d stay for just a few quick minutes and then go off exploring and grazing again. She did this maybe 3 to 4 times during Rana’s treatment. The foot soaks take about 20 minutes and then we have to treat her feet, so it can be a fairly long process. All-in-all, Guillermina wasn’t nearby too much, but she did seem to want to be close to Rana at moments, who didn’t appear to mind Guille’s presence at all. Guille is trying to find ways to connect with the other girls and seems to understand that when she is feeling mellow, the girls seem more open to her. She still has some room to grow, but keeping a relaxed vibe around Mara and Rana is a good start.


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    Patricia says

    Oh, Guille is just wonderful IMHO! Kisses, smart little sis! 😘😘😘

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      Beji says

      Good girl. One day at a time…

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    Charlotte Hansen says

    Guille’s doing way better than I expected. I thought it would take years, if it ever happened at all, to learn how to be social with other elephants after her hideous beginnings. She’s showing us one of the many powers of sanctuary, isn’t she?

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    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    Sweet Guille! So much to learn about social skills with the girls. No big surprise when your entire life was decades with just your mom Pocha in a pit with rock walls. You have come amazingly far considering in your mind, your only source of comfort and companionship suddenly was no longer there. Thinking how confusing this must have been for you mourning that loss. Learning new unfamiliar, wide open spaces with hundreds of different smells, strange humans speaking soft and kind to you, even the four-wheeler and other sanctuary equipment must have been like stepping onto another planet then navigating relationships with other elephants with their different personalities! I cannot imagine how your senses must have been and still are overloaded. I think you are WONDERFUL. 🐘❤️

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