Guillermina is Settling In With the Other Girls

More and more, Guillermina is spending consistent time around Maia, Bambi, Mara, and Rana as a group. In particular, she and Maia share a great deal of one-on-one time, as the two of them seem to have worked out the dynamic between them; Guille knows what kinds of interactions that Maia is comfortable with and Maia is definitely the more dominant of the two. It seems to be a nice, settled friendship where both parties understand the best ways to communicate with one another and the energy between them is easygoing and sometimes playful. 

Where Guille was once taking periods of time to herself, she is now near Maia and the Powerpuff Girls on a consistent basis. She enjoys her moments with Bambi, but will also go and check in on the others as well. Guille is still in the process of working out relationship specifics with Mara and Rana especially, but it’s obvious that she finds comfort in being close to them. That togetherness may mean simply sharing an entire yard with one another,, while other times it may mean opting to be very close together.

Because the rainy season has brought lots of green grass and browse to the entire habitat, the girls are wandering into newer spots where they wouldn’t normally spend as much time or, if they do, they rarely would share those spaces together. Now we have a larger group configuration, with members mingling amongst one another, there’s an excitement in seeking out these spots again and doing so together.

Photo of Guillermina wearing and carrying her hay


  1. REPLY
    Katherine says

    Great news

  2. REPLY
    Pam says

    I love Guille’s adornments in this photo! Thank you for these daily missives, Sara. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Thank you! Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving from all of us!

  3. REPLY
    Julie says

    I am so thankful and grateful to you, ESB, and all that means! A perfect post describing a perfectly beautiful sanctuary for previously lost elephants.

  4. REPLY
    Sue says

    What a lovely post and so much to be thankful for! I am happy to see Guille continue to process things and to have the other ellies to rely on. I am also especially excited and happy for sweet Maia who has had to process a great loss herself after Guida passed. I hope she and Guille continue to grow their friendship and that it benefits both of them in way only elephants really know! Happy Thanksgiving to all at Sanctuary, I am so thankful for all of you. ❤️🐘❤️

  5. REPLY
    Barb says

    Wear and carry is the style and Guille knows how to pull it off! Love how the girls spend time together! We are thankful for all the love you share at ESB!

  6. REPLY
    Wim says

    I’m very glad Guille is finding her place in this awesome herd. Hopefully, this will soften the painful loss of her mother.

  7. REPLY
    Melinda says

    I’m overjoyed that G is recovering from mom’s passing, and finding a new life with her sanctuary sisters!

  8. REPLY
    Zoi Flores says

    Beautiful picture of Guille. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  9. REPLY
    Terry says

    Hay, Hay, Hay Guille!!! You are now one Hay of a Powerpuff girl!!! Lol
    I love your style! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at GSE Brazil! Thank you for your consistent loving service!!!

  10. REPLY
    Carey says

    Good to hear as always. Lovely image. One day … a nice long video of Maia and Guille would be great. Does Guille play with Maia the way she did with Bambi? I don’t think I’ll ever forget Bambi and Guille playing in the rain “ that day,” Guille backing up in to Bambi, and Bambi just doing her thing, looking determined but gentle, and after a while Mama Pocha coming back and gently telling Guille she should quiet down, and Guille softly touching her mother. Whoever took that video in the pouring rain made a very special film – considering what happened later. I wish everyone the gentle grace of Mama Pocha, and loud loud exclamations!

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      guille does play with maia, but it’s not usually the same. she is a little more respectful with maia, so the play is different. but their quiet time together is more intimate than her quiet time with bambi.

  11. REPLY
    Rachel says

    Woke up early this morning, cozying up near the fireplace and although it’s been a rough few months, grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving. Reading this lovely post in a quiet den, there’s no doubt GSE is one of them. You all – elephants and humans alike – continuously lift my spirit. Thank you for these lovely posts and all that you do for the gentle giants I have come to adore so much. Cheers to all your dedicated work and the loyal family of supporters. 💝

  12. REPLY
    María Elizabeth Alvarez says

    Darling Guille, she will be fine!

  13. REPLY
    Tammy says

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Indeed things can get so overwhelming at times then you see a picture of our girls and read these uplifting posts that truly put a big smile on your face and those things we may struggle with seem not quite as bad compared to what the girls have had to have been forced to endure with many still learning to cope with to try and understand why but every day some how some way things get a little bit brighter. I wish you all Peace and Joy during this beautiful holiday season, God bless each and every one of you 😊🐘🙏🐘💞

  14. REPLY
    Richard Chiger says

    You have not mentioned Lady in the article. Does Guille have anything to do with her?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Guille and Lady don’t currently internet that we have seen.

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