Guillermina is a Fast Snacker

We often talk about how fast Guillermina is and how we sometimes feed her meals a little bit away from the older girls, to give them time to finish their food without her “assistance.” Here, you can see just how quickly she shovels food into her mouth when compared to the leisurely way that the rest of the elephants eat. Guille stands next to Bambi and Rana, who are grazing in the grass, while she enjoys some hay she’s found in the habitat. It’s a study in how different elephants can be and still live in harmony together.


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    Beji says

    She has a lot in common with my kids. Two teenagers and one bag of potato chips. Poof…all gone.

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    Sue says

    How is Guille’s weight these days? Do you know how much she weighed when she arrived compared to now? Just curious. With her foraging for food, eating healthier, and getting lots of walking and exercise in, she definitely looks like she has trimmed down and has a little more muscle definition!! She is such a character!!!! ❤️🐘❤️

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      Kat Blais says

      her weight is good right now although she could put on very minimal weight and still be ok. she is much better than when she arrived, when she was obese. we do weigh them, but generally don’t share weights because of people’s misunderstandings of the weight differences in elephants with different body types.

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    Sue says

    Thank you Kat, appreciate the response. I never liked telling my weight either, to be honest!! She looks great and love her energy!! ❤️🐘❤️

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    Susan Flewelling says

    A rescue cat who lived with me years ago ate like that. He’d been starving when found and the vet said it was because of that he gobbled his food down as fast as he could. Perhaps there is some of that in Guillermina’s background where food may have been only provided sporadically.

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    Patricia says

    No wonder we relate, Guille! xoxoxo

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    Terry says

    Guille’s transformation after arriving to sanctuary has been awesome to see!

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