Guillermina Grazes With Mara

As we’ve talked about before, relationships among the elephants here at sanctuary continually evolve. The dynamics between Guillermina and the other elephants have been in constant motion as she learns to be a member of a herd and they learn what life is like with a younger elephant. 

This video represents a moment where those changing dynamics are evident, as Guille approaches Mara while she was grazing. Mara, who has in the past been sensitive to Guille’s presence, doesn’t stop grazing as Guille approaches her from behind. Mara doesn’t appear stressed or concerned, even though she is in a vulnerable position with her back to Guillermina. The two graze with one another for a moment and then Guille continues along her way. This sort of “checking in” with each other is a normal part of elephant herd behavior. The girls come and go, meeting up with the others at times, and at other times they just pass by briefly. It is hard to know how Mara and Guille’s relationship will change over time, but this appears to be a step in a positive direction for both elephants.


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    Johnny says

    This is great to see. I loved the latest podcast also. The tenacity and determination shown by Scott and Kat to get the sanctuary going is amazing. How wonderful to see it paying off in so many ways.

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      Kat Blais says

      aw, thank you 💜

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    Carol says

    I feel like Mara uses her body language by moving forward and slightly away from Guille to let her know she doesn’t want to engage. I may be wrong but that’s how it feels to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    Bonnie says

    I wonder what’s going thru Gilles head because she lost her mom and isn’t it true that’s pretty much all she had in that terrible place but now she has a new life which probably is hard sometimes when you’re used to having your mom close by

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    Sheila says

    Yes. It seems Guille goes from one older sister to another, hangs out with them for a bit, then moves on. It’s like she hasnt really found the lady most like Muma Pocha. She is friendly with all of them except lil Lady. I think Guille is still grieving and doesn’t feel what she needs in a Herd!

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    Sheila says

    I think dear Guille is still inwardly struggling. To find her best live and comfort with one of the ladies similar to muma Pocha

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    Tammy says

    Guille has been through so many drastic changes in her short life. They are no different than humans when we experience all those types of changes but for the elephants it’s hard to grasp when they’ve been forced into such horrific conditions but thank the Lord they have Scott Kat and a very hard working team to make their lives super amazing!

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