Guillermina Gives Bambi Some Space

Guillermina is a curious girl and sometimes she really wants to be part of the action – whatever is going on. After mealtimes, Bambi will often work with a caregiver on some training techniques, and Guille is really interested in what’s going on to the point where she can hinder Bambi from moving forward with what she’s doing. She likely hopes that she might be able to get a spare piece of produce that’s meant for Bambi.

In the past, when Guille’s done eating her meal, she would move quickly down the fence line towards Bambi and try to interrupt what was going on between the caregiver and Bambi. For the last several days, she still wanders over to check out Bambi’s situation, but is much slower about it and not as focused on staying after she examines the scene. 

On a recent evening after dinner, Bambi was working with a caregiver and Guillermina stopped to see what was going on, but chose to go back to her pile of hay instead of staying. The next morning, she started walking toward Bambi and her caregiver but then slowed for a minute to eat some snacks that she found before continuing on her way down the fence line. So, while she still feels like she needs to be involved in what’s going on at times, she also appears to realize that she isn’t missing out on too much and can take time to enjoy her meal or search for leftovers.


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    Jillyp says

    Gorgeous Guille, it’s so great to hear she is gradually learning and settling. She is doing so well 💞🐘 🎺🎺

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    Melinda says

    Baby girl is learning!

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    Sheila says

    Oh this Big BAMBI. Is getting lessons…what is she learning and how is she doing?? She used to be very funny when she first came clinging to Rana and then after a bit she took over clinging Mara who was unwell for some time. I recall the Bambi running the path frantically looking and calling for Rana and Mara. As Scott Said she was just like a BIG PUPPY IN HER ANTICS. Bambi was doing antics for sometime but it seems she’s cooled her jets now and it’s seems to be GUILLERMINA WHO IS MZ BOSSY RECENTLY, BUT MAYBE NOW FEELING LEFT OUT OF TRAINING AND TREATS.. THESE 🐘 R FUNNY AWESONE LADIES!!

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    Tammy says

    I guess you can’t blame a girl for trying ☺️

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    Carey says

    Didn’t Bambi used to gulp her food and then go to find some belonging to someone else?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Bambi was an enthusiastic eater.

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    Terry says

    Little Guille steps!!!

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    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    What a joy reading about the growth of Guille who we worried so about after Pocha passed. She has developed so much, and learning how to respect the other girls space. Remarkable progress in a short time, when all she knew her whole life was getting what she wanted, when she wanted it!! Then Bambi! The girl afraid to come out of the dingy shed at the zoo! Just look at her progress!
    #sanctuaryheals Thank you. GSE. 🐘🐘❤️

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    Beji says

    Enthusiastic eater….that’s priceless

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