Guillermina Finds Snacks

Guillermina is known for her enthusiastic approach to meals and her willingness to try to share food that was put out for the other elephants. However, when it comes to the snacks we scatter throughout the habitat for the girls to find during the day, all bets are off. Whoever finds the treats first can have them all to herself, if she pleases. 

Here, Guille finds a stash of hay in the yard and takes a couple of quick bites. She may realize that there’s no one else around who would also want to take part in her afternoon nosh, so she seems to slow down and eat at a more leisurely pace. All the while, you can see her long, fuzzy tail swinging behind her. We can only imagine that Guillermina finished her snack and went busily on to her next activity, likely with the swiftness she’s known for.


  1. REPLY
    Terry says

    Now look at that little happy camper!!!
    Ahhh Guille…you make my heart sing!

  2. REPLY
    Patricia says

    Guille! You know I’ve always been crazy about you! Personality plus plus plus! 😍🥰😍🥰😍

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    Julia says


  4. REPLY
    Shelley Russell says

    Always a pleasure to watch! What is the noise in the background?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      That sound is the 4-wheeler cooling down.

  5. REPLY
    Sheila says

    This young lady. Is very Cleaver. Tons of energy to scoot around quick. Raiding all the treats. Well she lives by the theory?**U snooze U loose**😃

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    Diane Kastel says

    I presume that the swishing of her tail is a sign of contentment? Are Asian elephant tails longer that the African’s?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Swinging tails can mean contentment, but can also mean that the elephant is swatting bugs. And tail size depends more on the individual than it does the species.

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