Guille Plays In the Rain

We’ve had a number of really nice rain storms lately which, as you know, make the elephants happy. Rain means mud and mud can often bring out silly behavior in the girls. That was the case on this day with Guillermina. 

The video, taken from one of our observation cameras, has no sound. But you can still see how Guille is embracing some playful moments during the shower. She lays down and gets lots of good mud squishing done, really leaning into it on her side – even making sure to get her face nice and muddy. After standing up to give herself a little bath, she returns to her comfortable sitting position, scratching her bum and just generally embracing an afternoon of fun, as any 24-year old elephant should.


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    Pam says

    What delight to be able to join Guille as she enjoys her mud bath! Thanks so much for sharing this. How many observation cameras are there in the Asian female yards?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      We have 2 observation cameras and 2 security cameras.

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    Kayle Luthey says

    This is just priceless. Thank you!

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    Melinda says

    I so love these videos of Guille embracing sanctuary life with joy and gusto! With the help from her ellie and human pals, she seems well on her way to emotional and physical healing!

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    Julie says

    So precious! She couldn’t do that for over 20 years! Pocha, I hope and pray you can see your baby!

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    Carol says

    So much funnnnn!!!! Happy she’s happy!!!😘💖😘💖

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    John says

    Words fail to adequately describe how this makes me feel. ❤️ 🐘

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    Cathe Cracknell says

    I love this! She seems very happy and content. All of you at GSE are awesome!

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    Sandy Crile says

    Did you see those leg kicks??? Ahhh, youth!

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    Nancy Crider says

    Heartwarming to see Guille having such a good time in the rain after being deprived of this simple pleasure for so many years. She clearly loves mud and water!

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    Wim says

    Wonderful to watch Guille enjoy her spa treatment.
    Just wondering is there a human vs elephant age comparison?

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      Sara says

      There isn’t really. The ages are somewhat similar to humans, but their lifespan is shorter. The reality is that captivity has such a significant impact on lifespan – almost cutting the average in half, so that makes any comparison convoluted.

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    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    Oh my!! My very first thought was I wish Pocha could see her girl now. Happy, joyfully playing in the rain.❤️🐘

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    Katherine says


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    Tracy H says

    Love seeing our sweet Guille embracing her life in paradise. Nothing like a good mud bath. So grateful for everyone at GSE and what you all do for these special girls.

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    Bonnie says

    boy she’s having a good time that’s really nice to see her having fun and she really likes the rain how long is the rainy season

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    María Elizabeth Alvarez says

    I love her hapiness…sweet Guille.

  16. REPLY
    Gayle says

    It just makes my day to see our Guille living her best, silly, joyful life at GSE. GSE = pure elephant bliss! ❤️

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    Patricia Primrose says


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    Sandi says

    She must think she’s in heaven, mud, rain, grass, freedom!! So happy for her and I’m sure her mother would be thrilled to see her progress. Sweet girls, glad they’re helping her be part of the heard. Thanks for sharing, loved it!

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    Janine Proctor says

    This video makes me so happy what a lovely thing to see an elephant having funny, thank you❤️❤️❤️

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