Guille and Rana Eat Side by Side

It was dinnertime and the elephants were all over the place. Maia and Guillermina were with Bambi, who came out of the woods more slowly. The other two ladies were by the pond. Mara popped up first, but Rana wasn’t in any hurry to get to her food. She showed up to eat just about the time that the rest of the girls were finishing. That can sometimes be an issue, since we have elephants who like to share food that isn’t theirs. 

As Rana came up to the fence line, she seemed to be pondering where she wanted to stand, since Mara was situated a ways down from her. She was a little slow to walk to the fence, putting her trunk up, smelling, looking, and scoping everything out. Since the other girls had eaten, Rana was fed right away – but she ended up in a spot she might not have chosen for herself: next to Guille. The caregivers put some hay down to the side so that Guille would focus on that, rather than on Rana’s food. 

The dynamics of the evening ended up being slightly atypical with Rana standing next to Guillermina, so Scott stood back to watch and to give them space to be close together, sharing hay. Guille’s sometimes rowdy ways don’t always resonate with Rana, so when opportunities arise where the two are together and Rana seems comfortable, we want to give them the chance to interact. The more they interact, the more comfortable they will become with each other. 

Moments like this also give Rana the chance to see that, while Guille can be a handful at times, she’s not necessarily trying to annoy Rana. She might come bounding over sometimes, but that doesn’t mean anything except that Guille is 25. At the end of dinner, Rana eventually shared some of her food; Scott placed her leftover produce around for everyone to share. What might look like an uneventful evening to some was actually a really nice interaction between elephants who are still learning how to be together. 


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    Beji says

    “elephants like to share food that isn’t theirs” what a polite way to put it. Very amusing 😄

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