Guida’s Transformation

To say we look at the girls a lot is an understatement. It’s easy to get lost just sitting back and watching them, especially with how much they have changed. Looking at a photo of Guida’s transformation from a little over 6 months ago we were reminded of the how that has continued throughout her entire time at sanctuary.

Instead of just a before and after shot, we thought it would be more interesting to do a before, six months, a year and today (a year and a half) to show the progression of healing. Our intention was always to slowly put weight on Guida in a way that would be healthy both short and long-term. This takes a little more patience, but is more beneficial in the end.

Now she has a beautiful little round belly and emanates an air of confidence. Her body may now be at the point where there isn’t any more significant shifting. She is 43 years old, so it is unlikely the area along her spine will fill in any more than it already has. With continued exercise her muscle mass will increase, but that can be hard to notice from many angles unless she is actively flexing (like in the video when she climbs out of the hole.)

It is impressive to see how alive she looks now, but also to be able to look back at where she came from and see how much every bit of her has changed.


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    Sherry Stewart says

    Thank you, Global Sanctuary, for loving and caring for the elephants. They need you to give them FREEDOM!!

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