Guida- Miss Independent


This is beautiful Guida, and for us, the joy is almost not being able to see her. For them, this will be the first time since they were taken from the wild that they have the ability to get lost in nature.

Guida is our grateful one. We all got the sense that when she arrived she was so appreciative of everything. From fresh food and produce, to gentle attention and the ability to walk through a field and graze, all of these things are cause for her to give her own thanks. Her thanks come in the form of rumbles.

Guida can be heard rumbling throughout the day, all day and night. Just little rumbles (although during play they get much louder) but still sweet and full of emotion. The first day she arrived she would pick some grass and rumble, put it in her mouth and rumble, walk a few steps and rumble. It was incredibly endearing and clear how grateful she was for her new life.

She is also settling in nicely to her independence and with finding her strength and self-confidence. Guida was the first one to venture out, the first one to stay out all night and seems to be content being able to make decisions in her life.

As we mentioned, it will take some time before we truly see how their personalities will develop and what path they will take at sanctuary. Recovery is an in depth process and is different for every elephant. Our job is to support them in wherever it takes them. We are looking forward to sharing all of this with you.

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