Guida and Rana Grazing Together


Guida and Rana

The rarely photographed Guida (left) and Rana (right) spending time together, lazily grazing, by the pond. We understand that people like seeing the girls together, but we’re still trying to find the balance of leaving them be, so they continue to enjoy their time together or getting closer and taking a photo. When this photo was taken, we were already close when they came into sight, so we took advantage.

This photo could be seen as ‘uneventful’ and it is, but that’s what makes it so lovely. Guida and Rana aren’t staying close because of food, the barn, humans and any other stimulation. They are choosing to be this close just grazing, even though they could be eating grass anywhere. They’re not being silly; they are merely being elephants and doing so with each other.

February 25, 2019
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    Sherry says

    Girls having lunch together!

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