Guida And Her Dirt Pile

We mentioned the girls have been communicating more since in their new area. This video doesn’t have audio because all you can hear is the four wheeler and then us talking to her at the end. The new area is trickier to navigate at first, so we keep the four wheeler running.

Guida found this wonderful dirt pile, which is the backside of the pond. True to elephant form, she decided it was fantastic and decided to call her sister over to enjoy it as well. To do this she rumbles,¬†but not the ‘normal’ content rumble, this is a louder and deeper rumble, sometimes with an open mouth. What she may not have realized was the Maia was busy enjoying the palm she had just knocked down at the same time. Because of this Maia didn’t come over, which is why we started talking with her.

While the girls have always spent a fair bit of time together and found each other throughout the day, we hadn’t seen them calling back and forth to each other this way. Aside from this one occasion, they have also been very responsive to each other’s calls, quickly and sometimes ungracefully bounding quickly over. And of course having little mini celebrations when they are side by side.

Forever growing and healing 

June 17, 2018


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    Liora says

    Such a pleasure to see Guida looking so happy. Thank you thank you thank you.

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