Good Morning From the Barn With Pocha and Guille

A quick good morning with Pocha and Guillermina as Scott gets to the barn. The girls are usually very vocal and silly at first arrival but were a little more subdued and sleepy this morning.
The ladies have made significant progress over the past 24-hours with their comfort in wandering during the day. But it still seems, like all of the elephants here at sanctuary, that their love for nighttime exploration leaves them a little tired in the early morning.


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    Diane Duckworth says

    They are just amazing adjusting so well I loved it when Scott reached up and touched ears they seem to like being touched and being close so so beautiful thank God they are home now and seeing what freedom is like 💞🐘🐘💞

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    Andy says

    Their ability to adjust and trust is just incredible.💞🐘

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    Katie Howard says

    So happy to see them relaxing!

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    Katherine says

    Lovely piece. The girls are so brave, everything must be overwhelming. So nice to see them trusting and slowly, slowly getting used to sanctuary and what it has to offer. Can’t wait to see them meet the other elephants.

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    Rand says

    I can tell you they are much more happy now. I had 2 rescue horses that I moved to pasture from a barn and it was night and day they took off running having a ball. I imagine these two feel same way and if not you would hear a lot more vocalizations IMHO

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    Sherry says

    Scott and Kat can make magic happen!!!!! Thank you for bringing these 2 lovely ladies to sanctuary!! May you
    all have a wonderful life!!!!!

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    Wim says

    Interesting question how do you adapt in a hostile concrete environment.
    Perhaps their inner light always projected this sanctuary in some way.
    Elephants are super strong survivors.

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    Susy says

    Gracias por compartir estos momentos..son únicos . Son tan lindas y valientes.

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    Viviana Gallo says

    Qué hermoso es verlas juntas explorando su nueva vida… ¡¡debe ser tan impactante para ellas cada descubrimiento, desde la hierba fresca a un árbol!! Bendiciones para todos quienes las cuidan y devuelven la dignidad a sus vidas

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    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    Just look at the transformation in only a week! Just imagine what each week will bring. These two party girls at night are amazing. They deserve every minute of this wonderful freedom in what to them must be paradise.

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    Anita J says

    Just beautiful to know they are behaving more and more like ordinary elephants! Wish we could see some of those night time parties but it is just about impossible…it is hard enough to get good internet reception day time and close to the barn..:-) But they obviously were very very busy all night long seeing how sleepy they were in the morning… is hard to comprehend that only after a week they are already just living! AND I noticed on other videos Guille no longer exits the barn backwards! That is another huge huge step in her healing from captivity!….so so happy to see all those changes…THANK YOU!

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    Kenneth B. Newman says

    So does anyone think that Pocha and Guille have already met the other elephants at night, or is it just that the 5 lovely ladies have been hiding in the far away yards??????
    The dynamics of their meetings at first should be interesting……Meantime, how is Tamy doing? and is the potential trip to pick up him and the African elephants maybe 2-4 months away????

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    Bonnie says

    Scott from seeing these girls rush over to you is so cute it seems to me that they trust you very much you saved them and I think they know that question when are you going back for the other Elephant

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