Good Morning from Mendoza With Scott and Ingo

Good morning from Ecoparque Mendoza. A little bit of time starting off with Kenya, the female African elephant, and then Pocha and Guillermina. Ingo also speaks part way through, for all of those who speak Spanish.
No move date yet, but the girls are doing great. If you want to follow along on our website with photos, videos, updates, and a dot map to track their travel once they are on the road, you can do so here


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    Patricia says

    I am so in love with ALL of those elephants. Can you tell me why Pocha and Gille put their trunks on the wall? Sending love and prayers and trying not to be too impatient. 🐘💖🐘

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      Sara says

      They are trying to smell the rest of the world. It’s the only real stimulation they had.

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    Bertica Valdes Suarez says

    Yo quiero decirle a los argentinos que los amo, que viva Argentina y que gracias mil multiplicado por muchas veces por dejarlas ir a su casa-paraiso en el pais vecino. Estoy emocionada por mandar a estas embajadoras de su especie que llevan con ellas el amor con que las han criado, que estan bien gorditas!!
    Y a Ingo que le entiende todo perfectamente. Que suerte que el hable espanol.
    Me encanta con el carino que les llama “nenas”. Gracias Ingo!

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      Sara says

      We are very grateful for our Argentinian supporters who always understood the importance of sanctuary.

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    Carol in Canada says

    Hello; thank you for the update. I was happy to see Ingo giving a report in Spanish, for all the people in South American countries, and beyond. It’s wonderful to know that soon these girls will be at ESB and the others will be moved soon as well. Seeing Kenya’s barren enclosure was heartbreaking – is it worse, that she can see the world beyond but never reach it? I can’t decide. Anyway and again, as always, thank you all for what you are doing for these beautiful creatures. Love & hugs from beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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    Andy says

    Very difficult to watch and see them in this squalor. Kenya is so beautiful. The day all of the Elephants are gone from this awful, awful place, the better.

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    Tammy says

    Hi Scott and Ingo, those trailers are seperate aren’t they because from a top view it almost looks as though the trailers are connected? Are the girls getting in from opposite ends or one from what I know of theres only one way in and one way out of their cement enclosure. Not sure how this training process actually works for familiarizing two eles? Thank you both for your amazing video chats we love them!

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      Sara says

      The trailers are separate and the girls will be traveling facing one another.

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    Alana says

    Wow! You went from thinking about when to load to doing it! How ever that happened, I’m so happy their on there way! YA! Hope all is well this morning. Can’t wait for a update.

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