Thank you for supporting Lady's Best Foot Forward Giving Tuesday Campaign!

Today is a very special day.  Not only has it been three years since Lady joined us at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, but it’s also Giving Tuesday – a day when millions of people worldwide unite to support the causes they care about. Every journey starts with a single step and Lady needs our help to put her best foot forward. 

After spending the first 47 years of her life in circuses and zoos without proper medical care Lady arrived at ESB with a severe case of degenerative bone disease in her feet. In order to keep her as comfortable as possible and slow the progression of the disease, she now requires extensive daily medical treatments which includes foot soaks, supplements, topical treatments, essential oils and daily medicines.  Treatments that our veterinary team are more than happy to carry out if it means less pain and more comfort for Lady.

This Giving Tuesday we are aiming to raise funds to cover Lady’s therapeutic care for the entire year of 2023. One year of care for each elephant is $48,000, but due to Lady’s specialized medical costs, she requires an additional $50,000 each year. That means Lady’s total care for one year is $98,000. A price we gladly pay to give Lady a second chance at a healthy life.

Today we are asking you to make a life changing gift in honor of Lady’s re-birthday and Giving Tuesday and help us raise one year of care to help Lady continue her healing journey.


One Year of Basic Elephant Care:  $48,000

One Year of Lady’s Specialized Medical Foot Care:  $50,000

Lady’s Total Care for One Year:  $98,000
                                  Matching Gift:  $20,000
                         Total to Left Raise:  $78,000

Lady's Journey


After 40 years in a circus, Lady was sent to live at a zoo in a tiny enclosure with an electric fence. At this time, she already was suffering from foot disease.


A year later, she was still chained in the tiny temporary yard as the zoo had not completed a new enclosure that had been promised for Lady.


Later that year, as a result of pressure from activists, media and the government, she was moved to a new space at the zoo. The condition of her feet remained in a terrible state.


After a lengthy legal battle, Lady was moved to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil to be with other elephants, receive the care she desperately needed and to have space to heal.
Lady IMG_5696 (1)


Due to the advanced state of her foot disease, in order to help Lady live as comfortable as possible, she receives specialized daily care.  She will require this care for the rest of her life.
IMG_3571 for web


Although she has good and bad days, her feet are responding to treatment. This Giving Tuesday, help provide Lady with the specialized care she needs so she can continue to live a happy and healthy life.
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Matching Gift Challenge

Giving Tuesday is this Tuesday, November 29 . Thanks to a generous donor we are starting things off with a $20,000 match.  Every dollar you give will be doubled – so your generosity will go twice as far.  Help Lady put her Best Foot Forward on her healing journey by making a gift today.


Kat and Scott - Ramba rescue 0ct 2019

Sanctuary isn’t just a place it’s a new beginning, peace of mind. For the first time, elephants will have a life that is all about them. Thank you for helping to build and provide a future for elephants in need.

Every dollar makes a difference.  Every share builds their home.  Every one of us can change a life.  Forever.

Scott and Kat Blais
Co-founders Global Sanctuary for Elephants
and Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

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