Help Build Their Home

You can help turn 2800 stunning acres into sanctuary for elephants by “Giving Ground” to Elephants. Your donation will go directly to the development of the land that is Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.

Captive elephants throughout South America are waiting for a healthy alternative. You can bring them one step closer to a life of healing and recovery.  Sponsor your own personal piece of sanctuary and give elephants a new life.

Giving Levels

50 Strides of Gray


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Enough space (1 hectare) for an elephant to walk 50 strides in any direction they choose, untethered and unrestrained.

Picnic for 4


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Enough land (an acre) for 4 elephants to take a leisurely lunch on open pasture.

Frolicking Trio


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The perfect area (1/2 acre) for friends to play with reckless abandon – includes space for spinning, running and other kinds of silliness.

Nap Time for 2


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Best friends nestled under a tree on a sunny day. Quite simply – bliss.

First Steps


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For some, this is the first time in decades they will step out onto green grass. Each tentative step is a journey towards a new life.

The View


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Sometimes the elephants pause, looking out over expansive, lush sanctuary – just a moment to take in their new life.

Caring Kids


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Space to just be. For kids who care enough to want to make a difference in the life of a captive elephant.


a certificate acknowledging your generous donation that helped to create sanctuary for elephants in South America. This certificate does not in any way represent or transfer ownership of the property.  That belongs to the elephants!

Be Their Hero. Help Us Build Their Home.

Every dollar makes a difference.  Every Share builds their home.   Every one of us can make a difference.