From Nicole: Caregivers Who Communicate

Visiting caregiver Nicole has been working with our staff in her time here at sanctuary, using her experience to create conversations about not only efficiency in working with elephants, but also communication amongst the staff. Here, she explains:

One of the main focuses for my current visit is to help the caregivers understand different communication styles and how to incorporate that information to build a stronger team. We’ve done a few group discussions, as well as one-on-one discussions to start helping individuals figure out their tendencies when it comes to communicating. The first step is understanding ourselves, and once we know who we are and why, then we can start understanding others. This allows us to maintain positive and open communication to build relationships and handle conflicts in a more constructive manner.”

Communication is more than just speaking; it’s also body language, facial expressions, tone, and energy. The more our caregivers understand how the smallest things can impact their interactions with each other, the better they will become at presenting their messages both at work and in their overall lives.

Photo of Maia

P.S.: The newest episode of the Global Rumblings podcast is now available. You can hear more about Maia and Guida’s journey and the connection of physical and emotional healing. Tune in on our website or wherever you get your podcasts!


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    Meredith says

    Thanks for this. In fact, thanks for all the challenging work you do! Love you guys, M

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