Five Elephants Together

Depending on the day and how they are feeling, the elephants will either spend time together or split up into groups. Sometimes the Powerpuff Girls will stick together while Maia and Guillermina have some time on their own. Other times it’s Guille and Bambi with Maia across the creek and Rana and Mara close. When checking on the observation cameras you can see anywhere from no elephants, to all 5 (save for Lady), or a mix of anywhere in between. 

On this particular evening after dinner, there were five girls all standing near one another, and we rarely are able to catch them all in the same frame on camera. (From left to right: Mara, Bambi, Rana, Maia, and Guille) They were enjoying the rest of the hay before starting to graze in the evening air. You may notice that Guille is beginning to become more considerate of others’ space and food, which is a nice positive; Maia seems to be a calming influence and appears to be reinforcing some lessons with Guille – and we hope she will keep improving. It’s a testament to sanctuary that all (including Lady) can make these choices about who they want to share time with, or if they want to have some moments to themselves.


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    Alana says

    I could watch this on a continuous loop, just so peaceful. Thanks for posting!

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Five is alive and contented to be family!

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    Wim says

    Beautiful to watch them together. There must be a lot of trust around.

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    Benita Auge says

    Yes – very peaceful. Restoring their brains from painful memories.

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    June Ross says

    Wonderful to see the five girls together. I just wish beyond wishing that Lady would join the group! I know it is her choice…as it is with anything that lives. I always feel so bad when I see her on her own continually.

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    Beci says

    Is this habitat you have the elephants on the same as where they originally would live if they were in the wild? How many acres do you have? Do you guys own the land? I know its a lot of questions but this rescue group I follow in Thailand, they are leasing most of their property and needing to raise money to be able to keep the elephants there. It’s Lek’s group, you are probably familiar with her, she is a pretty remarkable woman. The reason I ask about how big the area is because I’m curious and want to know if you save elephants often and bring them there or can only have so many? It seems like a small group you have. Scott are you the owner of the rescue? I am curious about how you started and how and what made you decide to do this? You all are so remarkable to give your life and time to help them and give them such a better life. thank you for all of you and all you do. I am 67 and my health is not the best but if I were younger I would want to be at a rescue and help these gorgeous animals.
    When I was 8 the man that lived across the street was the Elephant care giver at the Oakland Zoo in Oakland, California . It was just a very small zoo and unfortunately the place they kept Effie the elephant was cement and not real big area (never chained). Mr DeLeon treated Effie really good, he loved her and did his best with what he had, and did more then the Zoo paid him to. He use to take me with him to work and I got to help brush Effie and hose her, which she loved, and give her treats. The 3rd time I went with him I was brushing her and she picked me up with her trunk and put me on top of her neck. I loved it (I only weighed about 40lbs, I was small) so I started taking the brush and brushing the top of her head and then turn around and do the top of her back, also lightly behind her ears which was her favorite. After that time she’d pick me up every time & put me on her to brush her. She made a sound like a really deep purr when I did this. She was my best friend and I believe she knew what I was saying to her when I talked to her. When we’d go there after the Zoo closed for the day, Mr DeLeon would take her out of her area and we would walk around the Zoo. I usually was on her which is where Effie always put me. Her favorite place to go to was the big area that was all grass and trees (picnic area for visitors) she loved walking on the grass and sometimes would lay down on it and move all around. Now knowing what I know I think she was scratching. I think this was her favorite time of all and she knew ahead of time before we told her that we were going to go on these walks, and she would squeal. I called it her so happy voice, Mr DeLeon told me I was pretty special because Effie didn’t like other people besides him. He said she loved me and when I didn’t come with him she would be sad and put the brush I used on her, on the top of her neck, he said it was like she was asking where I was. Thats how I feel in love with elephants.

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      Kat Blais says

      Hi Beci. Elephants aren’t indigenous to this area. But just like the two sanctuaries in the US, we exist to house elephants that have been taken from their homes to be exhibited on other continents. The total property is about 2800 acres, but only a small fraction is fenced in. Fencing in a space this big will take years, but the larger property was purchased knowing what elephants truly need to thrive. There are about 45 elephants in South America, with more in Latin America. Species, gender, and social dynamics would determine how many elephants we could house. The land has to not only be sustainable with the number of elephants, so it could continue to provide natural forage, which is a significant aspect of sanctuary, but it also has to be large and dynamic enough to provide mental stimulation, and the ability for elephants to wander away from those they may not want to spend time with or have a positive relationship with. Our next expansion will fence in another 200 acres, and that will allow us to house under 20 compatible female Asian elephants. For the story on how it all began, you’ll have to read that on the website, it’s not a short story. Elephant Sanctuary Brazil owns the land, and Scott is the CEO of Global Sanctuary for Elephants, but as a US based non-profit, no one owns the organization. It is headed by a board of directors.

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    Melinda says

    Together is better! Love all our girls soooo much!

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    John says

    I also could watch this continuously…… elephants grazing meditation. Hey, that could be a whole new “thing”!

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    Patricia says

    This is such a blessing. I love them all so. Me being me, I’ve been thinking about Tamy and Kenya. Any news on their potential move to sanctuary? 💖

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      Kat Blais says

      no, no updates. kenya is still waiting on permits and Tamy has yet to move over into P&G’s enclosure so he can start training.

  10. REPLY
    John says

    I also could watch this continuously on a loop…….. grazing elephants meditation. Hey, that could be a whole new “thing”!

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    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    This video is what we dreamed of and hoped to see when each one of these girls was in captivity. Each of them happy and satisfied in their own right. Being able to make their own decisions for friendship or just someone to hang out with, foraging on lush greenery, and just being. Bless each one of these girls with a long life, good health and continued growth emotionally. Please keep these post coming to your supporters. It is inspirational and lets us know we do make a difference when we advocate for ALL elephants to be free from captivity. 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘❤️

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