First night at the sanctuary

sanctuary sunsetWe wanted to share some very happy news with you. This photo was of our first sunset staying at the property that will soon be sanctuary for elephants throughout South America. It has been a long time coming, but we have moved in. This may sound like a small step, but in the process of creating sanctuary for elephants in need, this is huge!

While we wait for funds wired from the US to arrive (this can be a slow process in Brazil,) being here on sanctuary grounds will allow us to move forward in other ways. Thanks to a few generous donors who purchased tools off of the Wishlist,  we will be able to start marking and clearing the area for the first Elephant Care Center. Once this area has been cleared, we can clear the fence lines and start taking apart an old cow corral that will be replaced with the new human perimeter fencing.

It is amazing to wake up and see the beauty of nature everywhere you look. There is a cooling breeze that blows through the trees and carries the songs of many birds on it. Flocks of parrots, seemingly performing flying lessons with their young, race overhead throughout the day. While small groups of macaws noisily announce their presence as they dive into the valleys and then swoop back up, climbing the hillsides.

Although birds and bugs make up most of the sounds of nature, there are many silent mammals that reside throughout the valleys as well. Tracks of tapir, capybara and fox can be found, while we know smaller animals like hedgehogs and porcupines dwell here as well. These sanctuary grounds offer an amazing life to many animals who have found this piece of paradise. This protected little Eden will soon nurture the lives of elephants as well.

We look forward to sharing more of the property and its current residents, along with progress being made and being able to share our celebratory first load of steel being delivered.

There are many small steps involved in the process of creating sanctuary for elephants, some tedious and boring, others are grand and make the future more palpable but every step, big or small is much needed progress for elephants.

Being here and looking over the valley that will be the first area to welcome elephants definitely brings the vision more into focus. Soon elephants will walk this land and come from around the continent to heal and thrive.

To help us create sanctuary for elephants, you can give to our current crowdfunding campaign or donate directly on our site.

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