Finding Rana

Here is a video Scott took this morning when it was time to find Rana for breakfast. She has been staying out all night and exploring both bigger yards. Compared to when Maia and Guida first were given access to the larger space, Rana is exploring more areas at a quicker rate. She is adventurous.

Rana showed up later at the barn for treatment on her vulva. We don’t ask her to come, at some point she returns to check in so e do her treatment then. Rana, Maia and Guida all spent some time together in the mud wallow in the afternoon. Maia was very calm and easy with Rana, Guida was also very good except for a little nibble on the way out. Guida still seems to be holding on to making sure she does one little thing to show her dominance, although not with every interaction at this point. They all continue to move forward in a positive direction. ?


January 14, 2019

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    Kelejan says

    What a wonderful world for previously confined elephants. They must think they are in elephant heaven.

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    elizabeth haselau says

    How wonderful, makes my heart so happy for her. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, always in my prayers, Love, Hugs and Kisses.

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    Carey says

    Fantastic, and fully agree with other comments – it must be beautiful for her. It was really nice to see the area she was in, everything looks so lush. And plenty of mangoes in the truck to : ) Does Rana accept medical treatment now? And does she have anything wrong with her teeth or internal organs as you thought when you visited her before sanctuary? Do the other ele’s have ongoing treatment for anything? How are their toenails and do they permit you to file them? Lots of questions, sorry, I’m just really interested.

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      Kat Blais says

      Rana allowed us to start treating her vulva her second day here. It was so obviously irritated that we had to try and she has been great about it. Karissa is here from the states, and she just started working on positive reinforcement training with her, so we can work on her feet and take blood in the future. Once we can get a blood sample, we’ll know more about her organ function. We did run a urinalysis to make sure a UTI wasn’t causing her vulva irritation and it is not. The other girls do allow footwork, although Guida is lazy about lifting her feet and appreciates a little assistance. Their feet aren’t remotely as bad as we thought they would be. They still have some pad issues, but those have to be trimmed very slowly and allowed to grow out. There is no quick fix for those kinds of problems. No worries about the questions, we appreciate when people are interested and care.

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    Sherry says

    Yes, elephant heaven!! I found my way, says Rana!

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