Finding Guida

We often talk about food delivery so we wanted to give you a better idea of what that looks like so we set about finding Guida and Maia. In order to not encourage them to come back to the barn, or to wait at a fence line, we bring their food to them in the habitat. Sometimes, like in this video, it’s super easy and we find them right away. Other times, not so much. Eventually we find them, but in some instances it’s because they are better at finding us than we are of finding them. 

This road is the main road that crosses from East to West in the Southmost part of their habitat. It was initially defined by the bulldozer while fencing was being constructed. Maia and Guida used it and it became more clear, and then, in combination with four wheeler use, it became a dirt road. Some of their favorite places are along this road. At the beginning, on the right, are some of Guida’s favorite vines, deep within the brush. Right where Guida was found is the big pequi tree that the macaws love to eat. The girls don’t like the fruit but it gives off incredible shade. A bit further down is the pond, with a premier grazing spot on the right and a small road to lollipop tree and the creek to the left. But in between and deeper into the habitat on both sides can be fairly difficult to see into, although the girls continue to make small elephant paths and open things up a bit.

The cutest part of the video- the fact that you can clearly see that Guida starts with her happy flaps when she begins to follow for dinner. Before her ears were still, once she starts moving towards her food the happy kicks in.

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