Facebook Live Video With Pocha and Guille

Just a quick afternoon live video with Scott, Pocha, and Guillermina on a sunny but cold day here at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. The two ladies have decided that they’re pretty okay with the outside world. The sun is shining and they are grazing, throwing sand, chasing birds, and just taking it all in. These two girls have shown us that after a life in captivity, simply allowing elephants to be elephants will allow their true instincts to come out and radiate. Giving them the space of respect and reverence can do wonders as we encourage their true selves to show. It really is just beautiful to witness.


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    Wim says

    Mum can we stay in this place… PLEASE!

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    Deb Moore says

    it will be interesting to see how the relationships develop with two so closely related newcomers. hoping for all to settle and share space and lives with much love and fun!! s happy to see them here.

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    Alana says

    So great to see, better every day. Amazing elephants. I can’t even imagine how they process such a new & wonderful world.

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    Rachel says

    So lovely to see and hear about their progress. Thank you Scott.

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    Diane Duckworth says

    Thank you thank you was so waiting to see them out in grass they are beautiful and you all are doing fantastic job letting them go at there own pace would love to see them again out side and when other elephants come to see them lady is so brave to come check out new ones can we see a video with her there ? So so happy they are home and free at last thank you thank you

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    Patricia says

    Pocha and Guille are SO adorable. I would like to know more about why Guille is doing the circling, stereotyping. I have heard it takes humans at least a month to adjust to a new situation, depending on the situation; it may take longer than that. Good things can be overwhelming, too, often. Is Guille just a little more nervous? Twenty-two years in that pit. I know it will take some adjustment… Love to everyone.

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      Sara says

      The circling is definitely a form of stereotyping and there’s no way to know how long it will take for her to adjust. Each elephant deals with change or stressors differently, just as people and other animals would. Some elephants will occasionally stereotype for the rest of their lives if they are stressed. Once she begins to adjust to sanctuary life, it will likely stop quite a bit. But, of course, the pace will be entirely up to her.

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    Anita J says

    Scott said time and time again those two beautiful souls were the most deprived of all what is natural, in those awful concrete holes. A maze not even fit for rats. And now, they are thriving in this wonderland. An alien world for sure, full of amazing, new, unknown things. I knew Pocha will know what to do with all that sand, but She truly can’t get enough of it! I love every second of your videos no matter how short. Am definitely addicted to your daily posts and check all the websites religiously, even before my morning cup of tea! It is such a pleasure and privilege to be part of their journey. Theirs and others. Thank you for taking time to share with us their new lives.

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    Debbie says

    Sara, I also noticed the small circles. I imagine a lifetime of only being able to walk in circles its a bit ingrained. I just found this post, but have seen the most recent & I’m not seeing this circling, which is great. I wonder if at times of stress if she will revert. Such as meeting more than 1 elephant at a time. Pooch a seems to be trying new things faster…old memories?? I think G is just a bit overwhelmed, but I also think she is really liking where she is!! I also can’t get over how when Scott is talking the elephants gravitate to him! With his soothing voice I believe he’s very important in calming their fears or nervous. Scott you were born to do this, you have an amazing touch with these souls !!

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      Sara says

      Many elephants still stereotype in some form for the rest of their lives. The great thing is that is becomes rarer and rarer with time at sanctuary. With time and more space, we will all see how they grow.

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