Facebook Fundraiser for Rana Today!

Rana at the hotel zoo

The Facebook fundraising donation match → for Rana begins in 15 minutes. This sad lady, who has spent most of her life alone, has a chance at a life of sanctuary. Please give to help her get there. Any amount brings her closer to her new herd and healing.

Facebook has dedicated a $7 million match to FB fundraisers, along with waiving all donations fees. Every penny of your gift will go towards Rana’s rescue and you have a chance to double your gift. We are already halfway to our goal (funds raised through all of her campaigns), just a little more gives her a second chance at life.

Anyone who follows GSE has seen the healing that sanctuary brings, the miraculous transformation of Maia and Guida from the elephants they were only two years ago. Every captive elephant deserves this, it’s what we all fight and hope for, and Rana has the opportunity to experience all the wonders of sanctuary, but she needs your help.

Please give, share and help rescue Rana. Help bring her home for the holiday. Thank you 

photo- Rana at the hotel zoo

November 27, 2018


Facebook Donation Link →


  1. REPLY
    Alison Bilbrough says

    Hi, do you send e-mails out about #giving Tues etc.? I got e-mails from Wildlife SOS & The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee–I’m not on Facebook @ present so harder to keep up with you. Alison

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      I just checked and your on the list, even says you opened the email with Rana’s announcement, which is where we talked about #GivingTuesday.

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