Every Elephant Matters Campaign

Our followers have the biggest hearts and a true passion for elephants; we need this passion as we launch our new campaign, Every Elephant Matters™.  The more we talk to people about Global Sanctuary for Elephants the more we have realized that most people have a hard time envisioning the true extent of the number of elephants that need our help.   And still, some see them as just an elephant. But you can help change this perception. Your experiences, your stories, and your connection to elephants will help others around the globe understand the importance and value of every individual elephant.

The inspiration for this campaign started about a year ago. Scott was one of the individuals involved with moving the Toronto elephants (Thika, Toka, and Iringa) from the zoo to sanctuary at PAWS. During this move, someone questioned the motivation and said “Why would you spend almost a million dollars to move 3 elephants when you could save hundreds more in the wild with that money?” The answer depends on how you value each individual life.

Because of our intimate relationships with elephants who have found sanctuary, it is unquestionable why you would go through a tremendous amount of effort and money even for one elephant.   But we also realize that personal bonds are what help people see the soul in every elephant and acknowledge them for who they are. And that is when they become worth saving, which is where you come in.

We ask you to share your story of an elephant, the individual that changed how you saw elephants, one that opened your heart to who elephants truly are, one that made you realize elephants were something worth fighting for. It may be an elephant whose name you don’t know, who you saw one time that made you feel something different, or it may be an elephant that you know intimately. What matters most is sharing the story of an elephant that others can get to know through your words.

You never know which elephant or whose words will open the next heart to the true spirit of every elephant.

It is much easier to connect with an elephant that you personally know, but it doesn’t take anything away from the 6000 captive elephants you don’t. We want you to help give a voice to all of those other elephants, the ones that may be overlooked or forgotten by the masses; the ones that often need it the most.

We’re not looking for ‘perfect’ stories; we want to hear from your heart, your personal and genuine experience with an elephant that changed you forever. It is all about others being able to connect with the wonderful being who was your inspiration. Help them get a little bit of their dignity back and bring a heartfelt awareness to the fact that Every Elephant Matters™. A story that changed your life can do the same for someone else.

Follow this link to share your own story (and picture if you have one), help all of us to reconnect to the spirit and the souls that need our voice and out actions.

Follow this link to learn the names, faces and stories of just a few of the thousands of captive elephants waiting for us to open our eyes to the true value of elephants.

We will also share individual stories through Facebook – so watch for yours.





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