End of Day 3

Today Lady allowed for the gates to be closed behind her. The first time her caregiver was giving her food rewards, the next time Lady only had grass in the container. She was very calm and quiet. We also passed the support strap under her through the doors to see how cooperative she would be. This is just in case she pulls the strap down but then needs it again later on. She was good, but the second time she showed a little bit of frustration. The positive thing about that was she didn’t lash out at the humans around her, she simply put her trunk up over the bars and showed her emotion in other ways.

Tomorrow will be more of the same and as of now, the plan is still to leave early on Monday.

November 23, 2019


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    Patricia Hunt says

    Oh, I haven’t watched this whole video yet, but I’m wondering how often you are doing foot soaks. Is there a medical treatment that can resolve Lady’s foot trouble or is it too far gone? I am crazy about Lady Bug. xoxoxo

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      EleComposer says

      At the zoo they were doing foot soaks once a day, we may do them twice a day at sanctuary, but you can overdo them. Her feet will never be fully healed, it has gone untreated for too long. Our hope is to aid in her healing, bring her comfort and then provide her with the freedoms of sanctuary and the companionship of other elephants. Her condition is lifelong, her treatments will be lifelong, but she can still have a happy life.

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    dodin says

    merveilleux merci pour votre travail

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    catherine says

    You all will be in my thoughts and prayers for a safe journey. Godspeed.

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    Msggie says

    I’m loving little Lady. She’s got spirit. She is being brilliant with everything new that she is experiences. I have a feeling she is going to be a mischief maker. I’m also hoping she will help Maia her silly back. They seem to be similar??

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      EleComposer says

      I don’t really see a similarity in Maia and Lady, but one of the wonderful things about sanctuary is that they are allowed to express who they truly are and respected and loved for their individuality. So who we see at the zoo is most likely not who she really is and will shift after her arrival.

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    carey says

    Lady has reminded me just how amazing elephants are, thank you so much for the coverage. I feel that she will be a great addition to the group of ladies at sanctuary, her outgoing personality reminds me a little bit of Maia. It is so remarkable how tolerant these elephants are given all that they’ve been through. I’m tremendously excited at the prospect of seeing her in her new huge and varied stimulating surroundings and with other elephant company which she so much deserves and must crave. Good luck to all the wonderful team on your journey, and very best wishes.

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    Sherry says

    Oh, I wish I could give her a hug and kiss. She is so cute and my heart is full of happiness for her going to freedom.

    Good luck in the days ahead.

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