End of Day 2

Lady continues to do very well, enjoying her time in her crate. She hasn’t been asked to go into her crate, but she goes in and stays in. There is food in her crate, but there is food in other places as well. It’s new, so she is checking things out.

They also tried foot soaks this afternoon, with water only. She did pretty well, so one of the caregivers will make an herbal tea tonight and they will attempt to do another soak tomorrow.

November 22, 2019

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  1. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Elephants such as Lady have been abused all of their lives and then they come to GSE and Scott and crew give them really good greetings and yes, greetings make you feel welcome and they talk to them like they are special and give them excellent
    care and much comfort for the rest of their lives. These actions are wonderful for me to see and hear about.
    Thank you, GSE! I love you all!

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