Encouraging New Relationships

On a recent afternoon, Scott and a caregiver went out toward the habitat, planning to do a training session with Guillermina. The idea was to continue acclimating her to working with two people. At the moment, she’s doing well when working with one, but seems a little hesitant about what the second person might be doing. She is perhaps feeling a little bit of concern or anxiety and we want her to get used to having a second person around. 

Once the two got out near the elephants, Scott saw that Guille was spending time with Rana and Bambi, just calmly grazing. Immediately, he decided that it was not a good idea to work on training. Rather, it was more important to allow the three of them – a group that normally doesn’t spend time together like that – to be together as they had naturally gathered. Rana hasn’t always had the strongest level of trust with Guille, so them being together and relaxed was an encouraging sight. It’s an example of how human interference could interrupt a bond that was growing between the three of them organically. The best option would be to allow Guille to continue her day undisturbed; building relationships is currently more important than working on the nuances of training.

Photo of Bambi snacking


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    Melinda says

    I’m so grateful to read these posts about abused elephants coming home to a true sanctuary. I am simultaneously deeply saddened about an ongoing situation regarding an abused elephant named Moti in India. He was kidnapped from his mom as a baby and forced to beg day in and day out for over 30 years. He finally collapsed, and, although recently has been receiving the love and care he should have had his entire life, is in a very dire condition. He probably won’t make it and I am completely heartbroken.

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      Sara says

      We have heard about Moti and hope he will be able to get the care he needs.

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    Carey says

    Good call, totally with you on that. Thanks for continuing to show us…

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    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    Guille has come so far in her relationships with her sisters. It is always encouraging and brings a happy smile when I read she is still continuing to grow and be comfortable with developing friendships. L🐘🐘🐘❤️Love her.

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    Patricia says

    It’s always so wonderful to read about the girls’ humans being so tuned in! Thank you and love to all beings at ESB!

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    Robin Vitulle says

    I love the way you think… really. ♥️. Your instincts are spot on and truly show that only what is best for them is what is most important. Its their world and we are only here to give them everything that makes it good for them. ♥️🐘🙏🏼

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