Due to shipping costs and import taxes, it is not feasible to buy items in the US to have shipped to Brazil.  We hope to soon be able to offer direct links to products that can be purchased in Brazil.  For now, you can choose the item you would like us to purchase on your behalf. 

General Wishlist 

Daily care for Maia and Guida: 
There are many items that go into the feeding and care of elephants. Big and small, each is a necessary part of keeping all of the elephants that will find sanctuary happy and healthy.

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Kenya’s Elephant Rescue Wishlist

We are needing to start fresh and stock another barn for our first female African, Kenya:
Please look through her wishlist  to see what items you would like to purchase or put money towards to help make her homecoming possible and comfortable.

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Ramba’s Wishlist

Items on Ramba’s wishlist cannot be directly purchased due to import allowances, fees, and taxes of Chile. For now, you can choose the item you would like to be purchased  on your behalf.

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