Elephant Sanctuary Brazil article

Here is an article from Diário do Comércio whereby Scott Blais discusses Elephant Sanctuary Brazil!

The original article is written in Portuguese and can be found by clicking here.

Just a note that the following English translation was obtained using an online translate tool. As such, it is not a perfect translation.

Sanctuary to Save Elephants

DC – Why was Brazil chosen to host the sixth sanctuary for elephants and when will it be opened ?

Blais – The project was born here five weeks ago from a need and opportunity we saw in Brazil. The country has a perfect climate for elephants, a good availability of land with the proper size for a habitat with natural food and good social behavior. In addition, the proximity to other countries facilitates the arrival of animals at the sanctuary. The Brazilian soil also marries well with the needs of these animals that have suffered much for walking on concrete or unsuitable soils. To remain healthy, the elephants need to walk on average 18 kilometers per day. For all these reasons, Brazil has a good potential to provide a home to many elephants who are suffering in South America, in addition to having committed activists and committed to ensuring the freedom and well -being. We want to materialize it as quickly as possible, but we do not yet have a set date .

DC – What is the infrastructure required to build a sanctuary and what are the main difficulties to assemble it?

Blais – Without a doubt, the hardest part was already done. Assemble a team of volunteers engaged in the cause, who know and fight for the theme. Finding space for the sanctuary is another important step. Actually, it’s halfway there. And that is what we will focus on in the coming week. Let’s visit some properties in São Paulo and in west-central Brazil, as Mato Grosso and Brasilia. Also we have some scheduled meetings with politicians and IBAMA, which can help us to facilitate this project. And finally, the financing of this project that will be raised entirely from donations that are already being made​​. Anyone can contribute through the site: .

DC – Are there already possible elephant candidates that will inhabit the sanctuary?

Blais – The ElephantVoices believes there are about 24 elephants kept in Brazilian zoos, circuses and some kept chained or on farms, but that number is not yet official. We are working to confirm it. We have Lady in Joao Pessoa, who was recently donated to a small zoo, due to increased pressure against the use of animals in Brazilian circuses. Another major contender is Bambi, an elephant that was rescued from a circus and is now in the Steering zoo, in São Paulo .

DC – What are your expectations for this sanctuary in Brazil?

Blais – In addition to promoting the welfare of many animals, we believe that the creation of this sanctuary will also help promote laws that prohibit the use of animals in entertainment. Five countries in South America have passed these laws and Brazil is close to accomplishing this feat. We want to ensure that the displaced elephants have a safe and healthy future.