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Ramba’s Crate Stickers Are On!

crate stickers and scott

Rambas crate stickers are on.  😃

We are finishing up the final details for Ramba’s crate to be picked up. It is clean, has a fresh coat of paint, some minor adjustments, and is beautifully ready for travel. For airline travel, the crate also needs a special tray to keep things tidy, along with a system of tarps, plastic, and bedding. Those are all built, packed, and ready as well.

People have asked how long Ramba needs to get used to her crate. And while it is individual to an extent, most elephants don’t take long. Maia, Guida, and Rana all had theirs about a week and did wonderfully on their trip. They need to be comfortable with it, but not bored. Since they need to remain inside of the crate the entire trip, it should still be a little interesting.

Ex-circus elephants usually travel well, even if it has been a while. We know from when we moved Ramba from the circus seven years ago, that she was completely relaxed for that journey. She was eating before the doors were closed, and that calm demeanor was present throughout the entire ride. So we are hopeful. 🤞 Feeling excited!

September 23, 2019


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The Ponds are Filling!


Rana Bug was the first one to go and check out the newly expanded pond in five.

Scott finished cleaning out the pond in four this afternoon and just in time. About 40 minutes after he was done, the sky opened up, and we had a fantastic, windy, thunder and lightning filled first rain of the season. It was glorious. The city of Chapada had rain yesterday, which is great considering there were still fires burning in the National Park.

Not only did Rana go check the new crater of a pond out today, but she also decided to take a nap along the slope of it. Funnily enough, since people were asking if it was too steep to walk down, Rana thought it was gentle enough to nap on.

At the beginning of the rainy season, there is usually a significant storm, which will help fill the ponds. But we also have the water trailer now, which we can fill and bring out to the ponds to lend a hand. All just in time to be perfect for Ramba’s arrival. 

September 21, 2019

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Ramba Needs Other Elephants


Cutie Miss Ramba seeing if her caregivers have anything special for her. Ramba is very aware of and dependent upon her caregivers. Her life is sterile, she has to rely on them for everything.

In many instances, facilities will use this scenario as an excuse to say their elephant is a ‘people elephant’ and won’t get along with other elephants. But just because they don’t have elephants in their life doesn’t mean they wouldn’t revel in the company of their own species. And when they are with other elephants, their humans become less important. And that’s the way it should be. You learn not to take offense. 

Ramba’s caregivers adore her, they are definitely a big part of the reason Ramba made it to this point. But Ramba has never fully opened her heart- she doesn’t ask for touch (although she likes company) and doesn’t seem to enjoy it when given to her. Aside from rumbles, she is mostly silent and hasn’t expressed her emotions through other vocalizations. Ramba has already shown us that she needs those who can truly understand her, that speak her language, and will stand side by side with her, day and night. She needs other elephants.

We don’t know how things will unfold when Ramba arrives, but at some point, we would expect to see her heart open up to the most significant thing missing in her life- a true family.

photo- Ramba at the roadside zoo in Chile

September 20, 2019

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A Matter of Priorities


Miss Maia has very clear priorities, and food is way up there. Which is not a statement of judgment, many of us (including myself) can relate. But unlike most of us, somehow she still looks cute with her mouth open and full of food. 

September 16. 2019


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Ramba Getting Ready for Her New Life


Sweet grandma Ramba is starting to get ready for her new life. Today, Consu and Caro gave her a rabies vaccine, part of her requirements to come into Brazil, although not required to happen during her quarantine. Along with her import requirements, her caregivers still need to provide Ramba with all of her daily needs. This means tomorrow- footwork.

Caro, Consu, and Diego will make sure all of her future requirements happen while trying to provide her with some ‘normalcy’ along the way. All part of being a caregiver.

September 15, 2019

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Rana’s Strength

Rana As many of you know, Rana has an old injury to her left elbow. From what we know, it happened when she was five years old. That joint is completely fused, and sometimes she doesn’t bend that ankle either, but she can and often bends that joint normally.

This kind of injury or ‘compromise’ is something that can cause doubts in certain facilities. They question if an elephant would use space, is capable and comfortable with movement, and in some instances, these kinds of injuries have been the impetus for discussions on euthanasia. And Rana is here to tell you that’s nonsense.

There’s so much to love about Rana, but we definitely get that proud parent feeling when we see her exploring and venturing up, down, and through the creek beds. The reality is also Maia is incredibly impressive when she moves through them, and we are not easily impressed this way. It is effortless, her movements are quick, and her muscles are prominent- she is a tank. Rana has to work a little more, but her body and face don’t show any struggle, only signs of enjoyment. We do keep a bit of a closer eye on her when she is in harder to navigate areas, making sure she’s not acting like she is concerned. But we’ve never seen any signs of distress, only pride and joy. And yes, sometimes she really does seem proud of herself.

Rana is a lesson in how dangerous it is to think ‘If that was me,’ when you look at an elephant. They are so much stronger, both emotionally and physically, than we are. She doesn’t waste time being concerned about her leg, she just goes, and it’s beautiful to watch. Every elephant teaches us lessons along the way, and this is just one of Rana’s.

Although branches are blocking some of Rana’s face in this photo, we chose it because of her leg. The photo shows her coming down one of the trails into the creek bed. She has no problem using her leg and not thinking twice about it. This picture shows her strength.

September 14, 2019


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