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Lady Is Loaded Up and On The Road Home!

Lady continues to be amazing.  She came down the hill and went right into the crate on her own while the team was doing other things to prepare for loading.  She did great while her crate was being lifted onto the truck.  Throughout she continued to calmly eat as everything went on around her.  They are now on the road – the first pitstop to check on her went well.  She’s doing great!  ❤️

November 25, 2019

See Lady’s Rescue Page for previous posts and her travel map that will be updated periodically →

Pitstop Photo

Lady pitstop 1


More videos from this morning

Loading Lady Onto Her Truck



The Crane Arrived


Rescue Day – Early Good Morning


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Day 4: Lady Choosing the Hard Path

We’re sharing this particular video because it shows how tough Lady is. She can walk around the other way and not have to go up a hill, but she chooses to go that way. She’s a little like Guida- choosing the harder path. Hopefully this toughness will serve her well during her journey.

Lady’s rescue team is in bed, getting some sleep before their early morning start. Updates get harder from tomorrow on until she arrives at sanctuary. And as many of you already know, updates from sanctuary can be difficult as well with losing power and internet. The caravan will drive through many areas with no cell reception. Part of the route is the same that Rana took and there is almost an entire day they are out of reach. So don’t worry if you don’t hear anything, it’s unfortunately somewhat normal and impossible to work around.

Also, tomorrow we will have someone new joining the GSE team, but it’s someone some of you already know. For those that were with us when we were caring for Pelusa, you know Suz. She is our dear friend who we hired to take care of Pelusa while she waiting for her permits to come to sanctuary. Pelusa did not live to see sanctuary, but Suz brought a bit of sanctuary to her.

Because of Lady’s in-depth medical and care needs, I (Kat) will be spending much more time at the barn, which means less time at the computer. Our supporters are incredibly important to us, and we feel you couldn’t be in better hands. Suz is not only a lovely soul, but she truly knows elephants. She dedicated years to taking care of them and now she will be supporting them in another way. This doesn’t mean we won’t be around, but just in case you notice a new tone, it’s Suz. We love her, we trust her more than 99.9% of the people on this planet, and we hope you enjoy her.

Until tomorrow. Positive thoughts, love, energy, prayers and anything else you wish to send Lady’s way during her journey. ❤️

November 24, 2019


Additional Video from Today:

Day 4 Goodbyes

A little end of the day wrap up, a side conversation with someone who loves the sanctuary and all of our girls, and a little crying. Because what is an elephant rescue without some tears?

Lady Coming Down the Hill

Scott started a live video quickly since it was the first time he was able to show our supporters much more than her cute bum sticking out of the back of the crate. Then he realized he needed to go and close her in again for a bit, and left. The first 2.5 minutes are good, the rest is Scott trying to figure out how to continue to share. 

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Ramba’s Caravan Through Campo Verde

They were hoping to be here by now but there was a lot of construction on the road to Campo Verde. They’re wrapping up at their last stop, getting back on the road and hoping to arrive in the next 2-3 hours. This stretch is almost all dirt roads, so it’s slow.

At the pit stop Ramba drank and bathed. She ate the corn that one of the cars stopped to buy off of the side of the road, along with some watermelon, pineapple, and other fruits and veggies. Sweet grandma is ready to be on solid ground.

We will see you soon.

October 18, 2019

Ramba’s Rescue Page →

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Ramba Before Coffee

A quick live update to let everyone know we are getting back on the road again. At this point we are hoping for a mid afternoon arrival, but we will know more as the day goes on.

Ramba continues to do well. She is now drinking very well and has some more fresh grass (her favorite) and seems tired but still bright. As you can see, everyone is tired, especially before coffee.

We will try to check back in later if internet allows, we will most likely do a test from the barn to make sure internet is stable enough today for live feed from the sanctuary, and then our sweet grandma will be home.

Thank you to everyone who came together to make her trip to sanctuary possible, it has been a long road, but together, somehow, we made it happen. 

October 18, 2019


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Ramba’s Caravan Has Stopped for the Night

Ramba's transport container

The caravan has stopped for the night. Scott was going to try to do a live feed, but everyone was tired, including Ramba, so he asked me to write an update instead. The team is actually staying at a hotel they stayed at when bringing Maia and Guida home. It’s a bit off the road, much quieter and very protective. Hopefully a good spot for everyone to get some rest.

Earlier this afternoon, the truck had a flat and lost a pin. Thankfully, with the police escort, everything went smoothly. Someone stopped and towed Ramba’s truck to a tire place, and everything was repaired. After that was the first time Ramba drank really well on the trip, she also bathed herself. Since Ramba has a preference for fresh hay, the team went and cut grass, which she is enjoying. A couple of people will get up early tomorrow to cut some more for the last leg of the ride home. When Scott and I spoke, she was finishing up the produce that he had given her.

Tomorrow the plan is to hit the road at 6:30 and hopefully make it to the sanctuary in the late afternoon. Of course, things may change, it’s up to Ramba. The choice to stop was made because she looked tired again. She determines how everything goes.

We will try to keep you updated when possible tomorrow, but it will be a very busy day. In less than 24 hours, Ramba will be home. 

October 17, 2019


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A Late Start But Ramba is Good

See Ramba’s Rescue Page for more information on her rescue including a follow-along-map of her final leg to the sanctuary →  Sign-up for rescue text updates →

Good morning everyone. A bit of a late start this morning due to problems cleaning out the crate. But Ramba is good.

The flight required a leakproof tray to be underneath Ramba’s crate, but the back gate couldn’t be opened all of the way with it in place. So this morning the gas station next door and the hotel provided some equipment so Scott could dismantle part of the tray. The back doors can now be opened, and Ramba’s crate is nice and clean.

Ramba slept some last night and looks more rested, although still tired. But that is how pretty much all elephants look during transport. She is continuing to eat her hay and all of the produce that is offered to her, along with her sugar cane (which she loves) and her cranberries (thank you to those that donated to buy them for her). She is drinking, although Scott would like her to drink more, but that has always been an issue with her. They did give her some coconut water and put some Gatorade in her water bucket to get her to drink more. But all is going well.

What this morning demonstrated was what we have seen on all of our rescues here in Brazil- people genuinely want to help. They will go out of their way to get you what you need, get dirty and lend a hand to help out. It’s one of the things we love here. It was a heartwarming way to start the morning. Onward!

October 17, 2019


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