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Lady vs the Bush

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This is the video we mentioned in the FB live feed. Lady was by herself and decided she wanted to take on the bush. Or maybe it started first, but either way, she had her own little party while doing so. The whole episode lasted about 10-15 minutes, with her taking breaks in between seemingly waiting to see if there was any sort of retaliation.   The drive on my phone is full, so I was only able to record under a minute.

At the beginning of the video you can hear her make a noise, it’s the same noise Maia makes when she plays. She also goes up an octave, closer to what we refer to as ‘whale song’, but we didn’t get that on video. And she ended one of her other noises in a sort of raspberry. We’ve definitely got a cute one on our hands. Towards the end of the video you will hear her do some trunk pops as well.

She made sure to use all of herself during the ‘brawl’. She swatted with her tail, swung her front legs, backed over, kicked her back legs at it, hit it. She trumpeted loudly at it a few times as well, which was what caught Maia’s attention. It was really nice to see that degree of playful side from her after just one day at the sanctuary.

December 1, 2019




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Lady Has Seen Maia, Rana and Ramba!

Lady has now seen the other girls – Maia, Ramba, and Rana.

Lady seems happy to see them at a distance, but isn’t quite ready to officially meet them. Rana, who is quickly becoming the official welcoming committee, let out some very loud (maybe too loud) trumpets when she saw Lady, who quickly walked away at the noise. There are no signs of fear, or aggression, it just seems Lady doesn’t quite know what to make of other elephants yet – which is ok.

She has had a lot of changes the past few days, so her wanting emotional and physical space to process everything is understandable. She will have as much time as she needs to become more comfortable and joining the herd can happen at her own pace. As the sanctuary is so large, there is plenty of room for Lady to have the space she needs.

Overall, Lady is doing wonderful. You can see Rana, Ramba, and Lady in this video. Maia is off doing her own thing this morning.

The video ends abruptly and cuts out a few times due to intermittent power at the barn, we appreciate your patience!

December 1, 2019





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Lady’s First Steps Into the Sanctuary and Into the Habitat



WATCH LADY’S FIRST STEPS INTO THE HABITAT! (Saturday, November 30, 2019)

PART 2 ABOVE:  Good morning! Lady (& humans) are feeling much more rested today. While we did not see her lying down, there are signs in the barn that she laid down last night when she was alone at the barn. She ate and drank well this morning. She is currently out in the yard closest to the barn, exploring. There continue to be some slight technical issues with our phone due to the Brazilian heat. Unrelated to the heat, the video goes out briefly in the middle, but resumes shortly after. Ramba, Rana, and Maia are out in the habitat this morning, so she has not seen other elephants yet, but she more than likely will at some point today. For now, she seems relaxed and calm – and already looks at home.


PART 1 BELOW:  Watch Lady’s first steps in the habitat this morning. She is well rested and ate well this morning. This is a very brief video, as Scott is some having camera/phone issues.







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Lady is Home ❤️


She’s home and easy and so cute.  She stepped right out of the crate and has been very busy dusting, exploring, smelling and being adorably nosy.  She is a love.

We will post more tomorrow after Lady has had a chance to rest tonight in the barn.  Lady is home!! ❤️

November 29, 2019


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Lady is Very Close to Home!

Lady's transport

The team has made excellent time today, and they should be arriving at the sanctuary in around an hour and a half from this post – 6/6:30 local time.

There is currently electricity and internet at the barn, so we should be able to live steam it on our feed. As the time approaches, Kat will do a brief “test” live from the barn, so don’t get too excited by our next live notification, it will just be Kat and an empty barn. Wait until the second one to be excited!

Kat is currently busy getting the barn ready for Lady as the caravan approaches and everything is good.

November 29, 2019

Lady’s Rescue Page →

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Day 2 On the Road with Lady

Lady is doing well, a little frustrated at times, but similar to what we already saw at the zoo. She’s eating well, drinking ok (common for the first 24 hours) and enjoyed napping during the stop last night. They did lift her straps once it got dark, since that is when she would normally lie down to sleep. The plan was to leave them up this morning and watch her on the camera to see if she is using them or annoyed by them.

Last night the team stayed at a hotel, except Scott, who slept in the truck lot on some hay bales with Lady. Aside from the mosquitos, it was all good. Since Lady seems to appreciate the stops, this will turn into a five-day trip to ensure she remains comfortable. They will continue to monitor what she seems to need in regards to rest and stops and adjust accordingly.

Reception is pretty awful for the next bit, so updates will be here and there. Text updates are usually more frequent.  Sign-up here for text updates   But there is one day that they have almost no reception all day. We will try and keep you posted.

November 26, 2019

Visit Lady’s Rescue Page for map updates of her trip home and more →


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