Day 2 On the Road with Lady

Lady is doing well, a little frustrated at times, but similar to what we already saw at the zoo. She’s eating well, drinking ok (common for the first 24 hours) and enjoyed napping during the stop last night. They did lift her straps once it got dark, since that is…...

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Lady Is Loaded Up and On The Road Home!

Lady continues to be amazing.  She came down the hill and went right into the crate on her own while the team was doing other things to prepare for loading.  She did great while her crate was being lifted onto the truck.  Throughout she continued to calmly eat as everything…...

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Day 4: Lady Choosing the Hard Path

We’re sharing this particular video because it shows how tough Lady is. She can walk around the other way and not have to go up a hill, but she chooses to go that way. She’s a little like Guida- choosing the harder path. Hopefully this toughness will serve her well…...

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