Female African Barn

Guida’s Beautiful Bat Wings


And then there’s this. Guida is a fast flapper, especially when she’s expressing joy, so it’s almost impossible to catch her with her ears fully extended. Beautiful bat wings

March 14, 2019












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Maia’s Hat Action

MaiaCutie Miss Maia felt like getting in on the ‘hat’ action (practice for Ramba’s arrival) and is sporting her own personal grass tuft on her head.

Scott just called on the radio after being done with bringing the girls their dinner to ask where I fed them the other day (bucket retrieval). After telling him I asked if everything was ok- there was a lot of rain and they were trying to get some welding done on Pelusa’s crate so it can be ready to be painted, so I wanted to make sure everyone was good and not annoyed or frustrated. His response, “Everything’s great, the girls are beautiful.”

Some days it truly is that simple. Maia and Guida are happy, so the drama of the rest of the world fades away.

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Guida’s Transformation

To say we look at the girls a lot is an understatement. It’s easy to get lost just sitting back and watching them, especially with how much they have changed. Looking at a photo of Guida’s transformation from a little over 6 months ago we were reminded of the how that has continued throughout her entire time at sanctuary.

Instead of just a before and after shot, we thought it would be more interesting to do a before, six months, a year and today (a year and a half) to show the progression of healing. Our intention was always to slowly put weight on Guida in a way that would be healthy both short and long-term. This takes a little more patience, but is more beneficial in the end.

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