EleFact Friday: Working During the Dry Season

Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared about the downsides of the dry season and how it makes everyone move a bit slower as we anticipate the incoming rain. We’ve received a few questions about how the dry season affects working parts of the sanctuary, which we thought we’d address for today’s EleFact. 

People are always curious (and a bit concerned) about the water sources that we have on property for the elephants. We have natural springs and creeks that provide both drinking water and play areas for the sanctuary residents. Although the creek does occasionally dry up in the female Asian elephant habitat, especially in times of drought, we also have a well that produces plenty of water to help replenish the ponds, making sure that the water is abundant and fresh.

There are some projects that have to be put on a bit of a pause when the weather is particularly dry, like welding. Although we can still weld and work on fencing in this season, we don’t weld on windy days: one spark can fly quite far and create a large fire very quickly. We focus on other projects that don’t require welding instead and we always keep the water tanker and personal fire packs nearby, just in case. We are also grateful to be able to purchase new fire prevention equipment that gives us peace of mind. 

Thankfully, there are always plenty of projects to be done: from converting shipping containers into caregiver areas at the new habitats, to digging for and running new water lines, to creating new lookout platforms or water towers, to the day-to-day tasks of regular maintenance, landscaping, and keeping things in working and suitable order, we do our best to push ahead through this sometimes stifling season and look forward to rainier days.

Photo of Maia with Rana in the background


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    Shelley says

    Thank you for giving us a rundown of all that you do in this season, I can imagine there’s not a great deal of down time at Sanctuary whatever the time of year! However fire is of major concern as it is across the glob atm . If I remember correctly you have had worrying times in the past regarding the encroachment of fire so keeping everything crossed! I love to hear about Sanctuary , see the photos and video reels and listen to the dulcet tone of your voice Scott when talking to the girls!

  2. REPLY
    Sheila says

    Hi u gorgeous ladies RANA 🐘AND 🐘Maia!! U gals r behaving very well and soon u will have green grass again and SOME NEW FRIENDS!!

  3. REPLY
    Terry says

    Stay cool! The girls have fresh water and ponds. Have the 2 leggers tried something called a Cool rag? I bought mine at a dollar store here in the states. It is the best dollar I have ever spent to keep me cool on super hot days!
    Again, thank you for all you do.

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