EleFact Friday: Opportunities to Give

Happy EleFact Friday! We love to take every opportunity we can to share how grateful we are for our supporters and today is no different. After our recent wish lists were totally fulfilled, we received a few questions about the preferred and easiest ways that our supporters can donate to the sanctuary. We are lucky enough to have multiple ways to support our needs at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil and today we wanted to explain them a bit further. 

We often get questions about our preferred method for support. The easiest and most flexible way to give a one-time donation is through our website to the GSE General Fund. With so many needs and different projects happening at this time, this ensures that your donation can go to where it’s needed most, especially if we don’t have a specific campaign going on. With this option, you have the choice of dedicating your donation in honor or in memory of someone else. If you would like the option of choosing a specific item that your donation will contribute to, we have several wish lists that you can always select from. Whether it be Lady’s special list of medical items she needs to keep her feet healthy, or construction and maintenance products that help us expand our habitats, this is a fun way to give directly.

For those who would like to donate on a more consistent basis, you can join our Pathfinders community, a dedicated group of supporters making a difference every month. Here, you have the option of choosing where your funds go. The GSE General Fund directs dollars to where your donation is most needed at the time, whereas the Elephant Sanctuary Brazil fund will go directly to the sanctuary to help with food, fencing, and other sanctuary needs. 

Elephant adoptions are a wonderful way to support the girls while treating someone you love (or even yourself) with a special gift. By becoming an Ele-Guardian to your chosen elephant, your donation will allow you to receive a year-long digital sponsorship and the funds will go towards providing them with daily care. You will also receive an adoption certificate, a colored sketch of your adopted elephant, special monthly email updates, and the knowledge that you are directly caring for an elephant who has brought you joy and touched your life in some way. If you are more of a snail mail kind of person, we also always welcome donations sent to our PO Box, which can be found on our website.

We are appreciative and honored by any way that you choose to donate, and our goal is to respect each of our donor’s wishes in the same way we strive to treat and respect each and every elephant – as individuals. We hope you feel the love from us here any time you choose to support us, whether that be monetarily or by watching our videos, engaging with us on social media, or telling a friend about our organization. We truly could not do it without you!

Photo of Rana and Mara


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    Tammy says

    We do feel extremely honored to be part of this huge global elephant family! You’ve make us feel like we are truly one big happy family with all the messages and videos that are so heartfelt we thank you for including us on everything thats happening and then some just like a family should. We laugh smile cry and love each other during those happy times and occasionally unfortunately some very sad times too because of these beautiful gentle giants we call our girls soon to include the boys which we can’t wait to happen! I feel like we are a very close knit group of people on the same journey together to rescue save and educate the world about what’s sadly happening to these incredible loving family first gorgeous elephants with the most cutest butts ever! Thank you all for doing such a phenomenal job on all levels you’ve really knocked it out of the park your hard work and dedication have paid off big time we love to give and don’t even feel like it’s asked of us we want to we want to help you succeed so the elephants succeed and thrive as well so keep up the fantastic work guys you really rock!

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      Sara says

      Thank you for such a heartfelt sentiment. We couldn’t accomplish what we do without our amazing supporters.

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