EleFact Friday: Lady and the Male Asian Yard

By now, you probably know that Lady loves to spend time in what we call the male Asian yard. We often share stories of her exploring the area among the palms and we typically receive questions about how Lady will react when males eventually inhabit the yard and she will no longer be able to spend time in the area. For today’s EleFact, we wanted to address these understandable worries. 

First and foremost, we want to give credit to Lady (and the other sanctuary residents): these elephants are adaptable and, for the most part, respond well to changes that may come their way. Many people are worried that Lady will be upset or sad when she is no longer able to spend time in the male Asian yard, but we are confident that when that time comes, she will both understand and be willing to lend part of the space that she occasionally explores to other residents. It’s also important to note that, although we often share stories of Lady in this area, she is still spending the majority of her time in the female Asian habitat. While she may spend a few days exploring this area, most of her days are spent in the familiar spots near the other girls, just on the other side of the fence. 

We’re also happy to share that we do have plans in place to expand the current female Asian habitat which will allow Lady and the other girls to have newer and more space to roam and explore in their own yards. Although we don’t currently have a time table to share on when this may happen, this expansion has always been a part of the plan as we know that new spaces and habitats provide emotional and physical healing for all residents, new and old. Although this expansion will require time, work, and fundraising, like many sanctuary projects do, we are confident that our supporters will show up for the elephants to help provide what is necessary to give them this space.

The male Asian habitat will be composed of three yards, which is quite a bit of space. There’s a lot of area to play with and, depending on what Lady wants, there’s a possibility that Lady could be shifted into one of the three yards while there is a male in the other. Like many other aspects of sanctuary, there is a lot that we can’t predict or plan for, but we are open to many possibilities to keep Lady happy, safe, comfortable, and continue to provide her with choice, just like we would for any other residents. 

Although we are looking forward to the day when male residents come to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, it’s important to remember that we don’t have a timeline on when these changes will occur. For now, and for the foreseeable future, the male Asian habitat is open to Lady and suitable for her independent explorations. When the time comes for new residents to arrive, we will keep everyone informed about the measures in place for everyone, human and elephant, to welcome their arrival, whenever and whoever that may be. 

Photo of Lady


  1. REPLY
    Alice says

    Thank you so much for addressing this concern. I had been wondering about it myself. It’s good to know that there are many alternatives for Lady! I know you would make sure she isn’t disappointed in anything!!

  2. REPLY
    Charlotte Hansen says

    You folks are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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