Easter With Ramba In Chile

Ramba in ChileIt seems Consu spends every Easter with Ramba since she has been caring for her in Chile. This is her update from this morning.

“Hi guy’s; we have a cold morning today but about the 10:00 the sun share with us him kind energy. Mama was inside the barn eating the rest of the hay from the night quiet but with a little of cold, so after her breakfast go out to feel the sun. 

Happy Easter for everyone !!! More than share just chocolates try to give to this day a different way to see it, even if you believe or not believe in something… are we are energy and that energy sometimes need a little of darkness to see again the light and can shine looking for balance; see us in the dark sometimes can be hard but is there where we can learn more about us.

Make me think that sometimes the world this days is more cover of dark energy than the light but is good to have this moment to take a break and have a reflexive moment to share about what we are doing with our amazing nature and how is are behavior with the nature and with the others. I hope that the light of the humble and conscious can be touch the hearts of everyone this day. ????????????????????????????????

For those who like to worry  her bunny and eggs are made from bran, which is part of her existing diet. The rest is fruit and other healthy snacks.

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