Drone View of the Fire Damage

Scott, Kat, and our veterinarian Trish bring everyone along on Wall-E’s (our drone) first flight after the devasting wildfire raced through our property late last week. (If you missed it, details are here → ).

There is a stark difference between what was protected and what burned. Scott gives a detailed tour (you can see Tamy’s future habitat, as well as the African Habitat).

While the fires were devastating, please know that this is a spectacular and resilient region, and we know it will recover in this year’s rains.

October 14, 2020


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    Alejandra(Sandy)Enquin says

    Todos en el Ssntuario son tan adorables que hadta lo quiero a wall E ( haa me encanta que le ponen nombres a los objetos y magicamente humanizan el entorno) Que lindo ver el lugar para Tamy! Por suerte es alli prodiga la naturaleza y muy resiliente.??‼️

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    Deb Moore says

    Sobering, but as you have said those areas are fast at regrowth. I recall a fairly good fire in my village in Belize and it was almost back to normal in two years.

    PLEASE stay safe, so grateful, and heartbroken that you had to deal with this. THANK you.

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    Debbie Sides says

    So glad you’re all safe. I love the reassurance from the rooster in tge background saying everything will be okay 🙂

  4. REPLY
    Nancy Shaw says

    Yay for your Rooster ! 🙂 Hi Trish — from Portland, Or, Elephant Conference a few years ago. 🙂 Thank you for the video.

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    Julie says

    Wow. I knew what had happened, but seeing it this way really makes it real. I am so grateful for the donor who made your tractor possible. I assume that tractor was integral in keeping all of you, the animals, the buildings, and the in-use part of the property. Whew!

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says

      The tractor (along with other fire fighting equipment) was purchased with funds donated by our always-amazing, always-generous supporters.

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    Sunny says

    It´s amazing when all the burned areas turn green after a few rains. I moved to San Luis (Argentina) and there are often fires. Just last week, there were three. The first time I saw everything black I thougt it would stay like that for years, but no, after a few rains, everything was green again.

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    Wim says

    Nice rooster recording. Heartbreaking to watch the damage in reality. Miraculous you’re all saved and well. Will be a hard row to get back to normal and be beautiful green again. What you’ve experienced must be partial climate change related as many paradise country is being destroyed. Stay safe and protected.?

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    Rosie P says

    The stark reality of what you all went through. It must have been terrifying. Thank you for showing us the extent of the damage, it is shocking, especially how close it came to the house.
    The sad loss of wildlife across the area is heart breaking. Hopefully, many took refuge in the areas spared.
    With the rains will be recovery and we shall look to the future when more ellies join the herd and enjoy the lush habitat that is sanctuary heaven.
    Love and hugs!…..and rainbows!

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