Dirt-Covered Elephants

Maia and Guida

A happy elephant is a dirt-covered elephant 

This morning was a sleepy, but rumbly morning for the ladies. Although Guida is always a rumble bug, this morning Maia decided she would join in as well. Maia and Rana spent some time together out in the second yard this morning being very sweet with each other.

Afterward, Maia came back to where Guida was and they had a rumble fest of their own. This caused Rana to come running over letting out one of her blaring trumpets along the way. She stopped short of joining them, and by then Maia and Guida were quiet.

All three ladies headed East at their own individual pace, Maia taking the main road, Guida wandering through the woods and Rana moseying somewhat behind.

Photo: Guida on the left, Maia on the right dripping in fresh dirt.


January 22, 2019


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