Day 4 Afternoon with Lady

The days are somewhat uneventful, which is a good thing. Lady continues to hang out in her crate even when most of her food is in the yard or her barn. Today they closed the gate behind her for a half hour and she was stellar- no banging, no stress, just her being mellow and eating her grass.

In this video Scott touches on the intelligence of elephants and how it is often dismissed in captivity, along with letting go of expectations and allowing them to simply be who they are.

Plans are still to leave tomorrow morning as long as Lady agrees. Her camera will be mounted, the doors will be closed, her crate lifted onto a truck, and Lady will start her drive to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. 

November 24, 2019


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    Bobbie Stasey says

    Text messages (wonderful surprise!), Facebook live streams (exciting in real time!), and especially these email messages that manage in so few words to share the open heart and community spirit these beings deserve. Love every word. Thank you! (These old eyes sure would appreciate a tad bolder font or an off-white background for ease in reading every single word throughout your website not to be missed.)

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    Jean Tryon says

    Any word on the cause of Guida’s death? I think I remember you saying the autopsy could take at least a month.

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says

      This blog post goes into the only details we have.

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    Julia Mercedes Eden says

    You truly are an elephant whisperer and confidant Scott that you read into Ladybug’s ‘trunk flick’ over the bars from yesterday and told Lady you’d hold off filming and Facebooking from in front of her today. She clearly now knows you are a man of your word. That’s SO amazing that you communicate with elephants like this – without patronising you I’m awestruck !
    Loving my daily ‘fix’ of your second elephant ? translocation filmed from South America. Bravo ? to Lady’s long term caregivers and team from the current zoo where she is. My heart ? goes out to them on their last night with Lady but on a hugely positive note, this is going to be Ladybug’s final night in captivity (albeit there will be some days in transit) but thank you God that she loves her ‘Ladybug crate’ as is very apparent Safe trip to you all from tomorrow. Sending thoughts and prayers to you all ??❤️?

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    Maggie says

    She really is a good girl. Very brave. I’m sure she will be wonderful on her journey to you. Can wait to see her arrive and take her first steps onto the soil of her new home. ????????

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    CyrAnn says

    It’s a big day for Ladybug!!!!!!!!!
    Praying all goes well for her and all of you involved in her incredible journey to paradise sanctuary !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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