Day 2 On the Road with Lady

Lady is doing well, a little frustrated at times, but similar to what we already saw at the zoo. She’s eating well, drinking ok (common for the first 24 hours) and enjoyed napping during the stop last night. They did lift her straps once it got dark, since that is when she would normally lie down to sleep. The plan was to leave them up this morning and watch her on the camera to see if she is using them or annoyed by them.

Last night the team stayed at a hotel, except Scott, who slept in the truck lot on some hay bales with Lady. Aside from the mosquitos, it was all good. Since Lady seems to appreciate the stops, this will turn into a five-day trip to ensure she remains comfortable. They will continue to monitor what she seems to need in regards to rest and stops and adjust accordingly.

Reception is pretty awful for the next bit, so updates will be here and there. Text updates are usually more frequent.  Sign-up here for text updates   But there is one day that they have almost no reception all day. We will try and keep you posted.

November 26, 2019

Visit Lady’s Rescue Page for map updates of her trip home and more →



  1. REPLY
    Carey says

    You guys! so now you are being challenged, and tired, and I feel sorry for you all. Scott I can hear you are very tired…I hope that you can sleep more hours later, you have to look after yourself young man!!
    ; ) you’ve done some serious travelling and coordinations and all the rest so it not surprising. Take care

  2. REPLY
    Jane Callahan says

    Thinking of you all the time! I try to remember how it takes all of us time to adjust to change. It’s not always easy human or otherwise❤?❤?❤?

  3. REPLY
    Barb Wilson says

    I know so many friends of GSE are feeling empathetic toward Scott, Lady, and all those helping on this journey. I can’t get them off my mind. Best vibes traveling with you all and with Kat at home waiting and holding down the “fort”.

  4. REPLY
    Julia Mercedes Eden says

    Praying for your safe trip ??❤️

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