Day 2: Morning with Bambi at the Zoo

Good morning. Day 2 started with Bambi being a little reserved and Maison being anything but. Maison started with insecure vocalizations but decided to have a tire party. Her play and noises are all positive.

For those who don’t know, there is a judicial order for Bambi to come to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, but Maison is not part of that order.  The zoo has been very open in discussing her health, her care, and the possibility of a future at sanctuary. But this trip is for Bambi.

We will check back in a bit later.  Please visit Bambi’s Rescue Page for more information, photos and updates.

September 19, 2020


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    Wim says

    Wonderful Elephant scenes from two very different girls who look like opposites. Bambi looks quite fragile and The Maison Show is screaming HELP ME OUT TOO. Wishing you strength and courage with preparations and a smooth safe trip back home.

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      Elisa says

      Your comment made me cry: she is screaming HELP ME OUT TOO. LOOK AT ME TOO. I’M ALSO HERE! poor girl!

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    Debbie Sides says

    Awe I hope Maison gets her chance too for sanctuary. One day. They’re both cuties!

  3. REPLY

    So hopeful Maison will get to go to sanctuary too!

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    Deb Moore says

    YES. Make the noise a familiar rather than a surprise. She looks great, ready to roll. I think of Maison. Poor dear, now alone. Hoping for her chance.

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    Carey says

    seeing all of the Ladies at GSE over time I’ve learnt so much I’m beginning to look at ele bodies more critically, it occurred to me that Bambi needs to build up her muscles, and become a “country ele” as opposed to an urban zoo ele, cant wait to see her de velop 😀

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    Paula says

    Que chicas tan fabulosas!
    Cada una con su personalidad única y diferente ?
    Muy feliz por Bambi, llegó su gran día!
    Y estaba pensando… si para todos nosotros es triste ver y no poder rescatar a Maison ahora, pienso en como se siente Scott que está junto a ella en persona.
    De las muchas cosas que Scott & Kat me han enseñado, en el poco tiempo que los sigo, es a tener paciencia, perseverancia y pensar en positivo para lograr nuestra metas.

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    Lori Hoover says

    I’ve mentioned before how my cat just loves Scott’s voice, and she proved it again today. I had this video started on my laptop this morning and within a couple of minutes Kitten (yeah, yeah, original name, I know LOL) was curled up next to me, half in and half out of my lap, first watching and then just listening to Scott’s voice. I swear, she adores him. It’s the only voice, only sound, that comes out of the laptop or phone that she not only likes but wants to listen to as well. Any other noise coming out my laptop or phone is something to be combated and defeated, LOL

    Both Bambi and Maison were a joy this morning. I can see why Scott sees some Maia in Maison, she even looks a bit like her. I’m getting greedy to see a new video, but I’m also afraid Facebook is trying to defeat my watching without signing up. I usually have no problem with your page (I’ve seen it mentioned here on site before that you have it set up for public viewing, FB membership not required), but I cannot reach your main FB page at all today. I hope it’s just a glitch. I did manage to trick my way onto the video page there, but so far, that’s it.

    I hope everyone at Sanctuary is well, ellies, other animals, and humans alike, and I can’t wait til Bambi has made it there. I’ll be hoping for Maison to get on the list for future residents as well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her, what a wonderful girl she is.

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      EleComposer says

      Scott just did another Live on Facebook. Please let Kitten know that we will get it up as soon as possible. ? Love that story! ❤️

      • Lori Hoover says

        Kitten is ready, she’s right here rubbing all over me,, as if she knows, LOL Alas, I confess, I managed a bit of the latest video from FB (still sneaking in unregistered over there HA), but Kitten is ready to catch up. Both Bambi and Maison are blowing me away. I’m going to see if FB lets Kitten take a look at that latest video, if not, we’ll be back. See ya all soon.

      • EleComposer says


    • REPLY
      Bella says

      Lori – luv that about your Kitty! You can view their videos on YouTube as well. Much easier to view without logging in.

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    Bo says

    Scott: “You’re fabuleus, Maison!”
    And the way Maison turns to Scott and looks at him looking like “me?!?”
    As if she understood him and for the first time hears someone saying something positive to her.
    Oh, melt!

    And when she pulled down the tyre and Scott said “oh, you did it!”
    And Maison walks so proud and goes like “yes, I did. All me.” 🙂

    She MUST join the sisterhood in Brazil, please let it happen.
    Her now all alone, oh, no, that is no good.

    Bambi making great progress, oh, wonderful sweet girl.
    She feels the love love love.
    Maison feels it too.

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    arie says

    Such a marvelous update! Thanks a million, Scott, you’re a diamond!
    The vocalisations of Maison and Bambi sounds so sad at moments, as if they are crying out for freedom.
    It makes me cry..
    I hope Maison can join the sanctuary family too very soon..

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    Sallie says

    this is so exciting & wonderful! love miss bambi and her personality!, but i want, and i promise, i will donate to help get the unique miss maison to your sanctuary! join me, people! she sounds fascinating! actually, what an incredible group of personalities! the vids will never end! yippee! miss maison sounds a lot like miss lady! you guys better rest up for all this integration of personal styles!

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    Carol in Canada says

    Maison seems to know, or have some inkling, of what is happening. I can see the longing; it is plain to see. I so hope that Maison is given this gift, too. I will have sleepless nights thinking of her, but we will all watch Bambi with joy. THANK YOU for all that you do for these magnificent creatures. They all deserve Sanctuary – they all deserve a REAL life.

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    Sherry says

    Thank you GSE for all you do for the elephants! These elephants you bring to the sanctuary do look bad and sickly, but with your love and care I can see them transform. Isn’t it amazing how the sanctuary transforms these great creatures. I know that
    God richly blesses the sanctuary everyday.

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