Cute Ladies This Morning

Ok, so this kind of close up makes it a little harder to identify who it is. There’s still one thing that gives her away. Let’s see if you can tell. PS- don’t feel bad if you can’t, our own staff members double check on elephant IDs for photos. It’s tricky.

The ladies were cute this morning. They were all outside of the barn at one point, and Scott said excitedly, “Are you girls ready to go?” and Rana let out one of her blaring trumpets. Guida headed straight towards her at a clip, and it seemed Rana and all of her humans weren’t sure which Guida she was getting.

When Guida got to Rana’s side, she did nothing, just stood with her quietly. Not only is Guida’s response positive, but it’s good that Rana is now getting more comfortable with those kinds of expressions around both Maia and Guida.

March 3, 2019



Side by side makes it an easier comparison. The pink means it’s either Maia or Rana. Maia’s (below left) pink is much more solid at the top, while Rana’s (right) is much more spotted and broken up. The big give away for us though is the darkness of the eye. Even with just a slight side view, that eye couldn’t belong to anyone but Rana. And since you couldn’t tell how much fuzz there was, you couldn’t use that, which is an easy indicator that it’s Maia. We love the reasoning behind the answers. Thanks!!

March 4, 2019

Maia and Rana


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