Crowdfunding Campaign Update

Our crowdfunding campaign closed on January 1st and the incredible generosity of the elephant community never ceases to amaze us. Over the last two months, thanks to the support of everyone who donated through our Indiegogo campaign, we raised over $11,000 in support of Elephant Sanctuary Brazil!

These funds made it possible for Scott and Kat to work side-by-side throughout December with the dedicated team members of ElephantVoices Brasil. Together they walked potential land sites, gathered vital information about the terrain, soil, and surrounding communities, and strengthened relationships with individuals, organizations, and government officials throughout Brazil. We were also given a glimpse into the lives of just a few of the elephants in Brazil waiting for sanctuary, further adding to the urgency of our efforts and strengthening our resolve.

This trip was absolutely essential to making Elephant Sanctuary Brazil a reality – but scheduling it while our crowdfunding campaign was still underway required a leap of faith for GSE.

Years of experience have taught us that the connection people feel with elephants is a powerful source of inspiration and commitment. When given the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, something that will truly make a difference in the life of an elephant, we have seen firsthand that people come forward with an overwhelming desire to create positive change. This time was no exception!

Our faith in your commitment propelled us forward to this point, and your faith in us to create a better life for elephants in South America is what will carry us the rest of the way and make Elephant Sanctuary Brazil a reality. When Scott and Kat return home we will keep you updated as we begin to develop plans for the next phase of Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.

But for now – we simply want to thank you. Thank you for your support, thank you for your faith, and thank you for joining us on this incredible journey.