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40 Years Performing in The Circus

Ramba is known as the last circus elephant in Chile, although her circus life began in Argentina.  In 1997, she was confiscated from the circus for issues relating to abuse and neglect. Although she was officially “confiscated”, Ramba remained with the circus, but was not allowed to perform.  Ramba’s rescue was harrowing with the need for police protection, but she graciously entered the trailer to begin her new life free of the circus.


6 Years At a Roadside Zoo

It was a small NGO in Chile, aided by Scott and Kat Blais, that had come to Ramba’s aid, gaining permission to relocate her to a roadside zoo as a temporary home.  After arrangements for her to go to a sanctuary in the US fell through, they were both  faced with the care and expenses of Ramba, and the task of finding her another suitable home with other elephants, roaming through pastures and forests, enjoying a life of retirement.


Maia and Guida

But Now Her Herd Awaits!

Ramba’s 50 year wait for sanctuary and elephant companionship is almost over. Her days of trees being just out of reach will soon be a thing of the past. For those of you who have been waiting for this day, it’s time to come together and help bring her home. Ramba has been through a lot in life, she suffered through abuse and neglect only to have her happy ending slip away years ago. She has waited long enough. Her sanctuary is built; her herd awaits.


Be Her Hero. Help Us Bring Her Home.