Guida - Artistic PrintWe understand our supporters find a special place in their heart for certain elephants. Whether you love Guida’s happy flaps and are warmed by her forgiving nature or adore Maia’s wacky ways and are taken aback by her ability to learn to trust again, you can show them some extra love and support. You can become their Ele-Guardian.

Your sponsorship will go towards providing them with the daily care that allows their bodies to heal; the foundation needed to support their emotional healing. Your gift goes towards providing them with daily diets, special goodies, supplementation and medical care supplies.


As their beloved guardian you will receive:

  • A card featuring a colored sketch of your elephant on one side and their story
    on the other artwork by Arte for Elephants
  • An adoption certificate
  • A photograph that captures a bit of the essence of who they are
  • A link to their ‘diary’, emailed monthly, so you can stay connected to their
    progress and journey
  • And most importantly knowing that you are directly caring for an elephant
    that has brought you joy and touched your life in some way. It’s very sweet of
    you to return the favor.

Thank you for taking one of our very special elephants under your wing and
standing by them as they journey down the road of recovery and self-discovery. The world is always a little less scary when you know someone is by your side.

In the comments section on the donation form, please be sure to include whether:

  • You would like to support Guida or Maia
  • Your prefer to receive your gifts via email or snail mail
  • If your adoption is a gift. If so, please include the name of the individual and contact information (if being sent to a different email/mailing address than the one already provided.) 

Thank you for opening your heart to them.